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Those cranes at Fulham are building the new Riverside Stand.
The floating cranes in your picture of crossing 4 of the Thames are I believe being used for the construction of a new Riverside stand for Fulham F.C, rather than Thames water's Tideway tunnel.

In the picture you can see the main stand as the old riverside stand has now been demolished to make way for the new one.
I started to grumble about straight lines on Google not being straight lines in reality, because of projection distortions. But your post is simply too delightful to own up to being the pedantic cartography prick I secretly am...
Great pictures! Is it possible you took them all on the same day?
All but the last photo were taken yesterday.
I will own up to being a boat pedantry prick :-) Those look more like barges, keels and possibly a narrow boat - while no doubt all very pleasurable, I wouldn't call any of them a cruiser. And all the better for that.
1. Capital Ring rather than London Loop?
Not sure if it you intended it but your Thistlewood Marine link just goes to the photo which you have already displayed. Here is a link to Thislewood Marine
a) it's not the Tideway Tunnel
b) it's not the Tideway Tunnel
c) your line's not straight
d) they're not cruisers
e) that's the wrong footpath
f) inappropriate linkage

Updated, thanks.
I really enjoyed this post, and am amazed at your ability to continually construct new methods for exploring this city.

I wonder if you took the dangleway in either direction when visiting crossing 10.
It took me far too long to realise you weren't counting bridges intersected by your red line, but imagined crossings from one bank to the other...

Next question would be how many bridges over the Thames (foot, traffic, rail) can you intersect with a straight line? I guess you'd need to catch most of the Waterloo - Tower Bridge stretch.

And then tunnels, etc...
Aaah, Number 1 by Railshead Road is part of the view I had while at the old Maria Grey campus of West London Institute in the 80s - now a housing estate!
Except it was light industry then, and not nearly as picturesque!
When I view it, your line map appears to have Russian translations on it.
In my head I imagined DG following the line as closely as possible, starting off in a big coat, winter hat and walking trousers & boots as he alternately swims across the Thames then trudges across land (through houses/offices if necessary) and becoming increasingly cold/wet/miserable.
For fans of the TV show Taskmaster, the brief foray across Dukes Meadow just clips Dan Mason Drive, which is the location of the house used in the show - look at the junction of Dan Mason Drive and Great Chertsey Road.
The most practical way of following this line does not involve walking trousers. Simply time-travel back to the 1930s (to avoid security issues) and fly it in a light aircraft. (Not a helicopter, because they hadn't been invented yet).
Outside London, I know, but the line, if extended westwards, crosses the Thames once more, at the historic location of Runnymede - "Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain?" (Tony Hancock, 1959)

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