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How odd I was looking at the JP today to dig out what happens with the Vic Line night tube times.

TfL have also confirmed the Night Bus changes that will take place. The 34, 123, 145, 158, 296, E1, W3 and W7 all get their weekend night buses on Fri/Sat 19th/20th Aug. Other routes are added as other tube lines phase in. The N91 and Night 94 won't have their weekend frequencies cut. Other routes will see reductions but only next year as the Night Tube usage settles down and it's clearer what's happening.
So 'Brexit' has had no affect on the proposed worthwhileness of introducing the Night-Tube?
I am so disappointed in this news.

One of the potential advantages of Night Tube is to enable a decent service up to midnight with it winding down to Night Tube levels after that.

Anyone who has used the Victoria line southbound platform at Victoria at around midnight on Friday or Saturday nights will tell you that the five minute interval is hopelessly inadequate. Until now it couldn't be better because the train service had to be thinned out to allow for no service in engineering hours.

I have been checking the working timetables page but nothing has appeared yet.

P of P -

Assuming you mean the service is inadequate because it can't cope with the number of people who are travelling (rather than that up to 5 minutes is too long to wait for a train) then won't Night Tube help by resulting in some of those people travelling later so reducing the crowds?
What's happening with fares before and after 0430?

Does anyone know what time the contactless backend works out your travel and submits a charge to your card?
Andrew S,

Maybe, but a lot of people are catching last trains from Victoria main line station.
Useful rule of thumb for the initial service:

If catching the Night Tube from Oxford Circus, aim to be on the platform 'on the nines'.
(i.e. 09, 19, 29, 39, 49 or 59)
Was expecting a Croydon-related post today. Disappointed.
Well, I'm sure it will turn up in due course. All those fab pics of Croydon architecture on Flickr.
@ John - the ticketing implications of the Night Tube are not yet clear (to me anyway). TfL have been working on and presumably have now tested the system modifications. I expect we will know soon enough - there has to be some sort of "launch" for the first two lines coming up in the fairly near future.
The TfL website suggests that touches in before 0430 count towards the previous day, after 0430 start the next day. The time you touch out is not relevant. This is consistent with buses. How it will deal with OSIs is unclear, but academic for the foreseeable future.
Whilst nighttube start on the 19/20 August weekend, the previous Fri/Sat (12/13) will see a complete test of Central and Victoria line trains running through the the night, but not for passengers, to test that it all works properly. I'm sure there'll be some people who stay up to 3-4am in the morning, to get a photo of a Central Line train somewhere in one of the open sections, at somepoint in the dead of night.
There's rumblings underfoot regarding the driver scheduling on the Victoria line. Potentially this could push the start date back.

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