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I had a booking for Citi, but had to cancel it due to a commitment yesterday. Shame about the weather
Oh, didn't realise Citi's building was open! I had a pleasant time over at the Cutty Sark on Sunday, where there was a talk about the engineering challenges of renovating and suspending the ship.
Pity the weather was dull. I would have thought that 1 Canada Square could have had a Helicopter Pad on the roof.
These buildings seem short compared to the 167 floor 3,280ft Kingdom Tower being build in Jedah.
I visited the City of London's equivalent of Canary Wharf's model city on Saturday, located in the basement of the Guildhall. It's used for the same purpose on every other day of the year, but, apparently unlike this one, photography was very much encouraged, and I didn't hear a word of marketing talk - only a never-ending stream of fascinating anecdotes from the model-maker-in-residence.

I also got to go up a thing, at the nearby 88 Wood Street. The booklet said they were only admitting four people at a time, which thankfully turned out to be completely untrue. It's not one of Richard Rogers' finest, but it still beats One Canada Square.

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