please empty your brain below

I hear best viewed with two small children and when Bob's not there.

You should have taken some more photos!

Oh I did, it's just that most of my photos feature tiny-looking animals positioned rather too far away from my camera lens.

The penguin pool looks rather inviting for humans... maybe a little lido action would be an added attraction for the price?

I visited the zoo a little over a month ago. It's a fine if knackering day out.

Were the bears actually out on the mountain? There was no sign of habitation while I was there.

We saw two bears idly snuffling around in the fake scrubland at the foot of the mountain. You didn't miss much, to be honest.

I think I might give Colchester Zoo a visit in the next few weeks. I remember that as being pretty good.

But where else in London are you going to see lions, tigers and giraffes? And penguins and zebras? And ickle cutesy-wutesy meerkats?

The Natural History Museum, if you're not too fussy about whether they still move around or not ...

I used to love the zoo when I was little!!! I can't believe they moved the penguins Iunderstand if they didn't do well there and everything but its still weird to think of them somewhere else!!

Do they still do camel rides? Or is that another thing just for my childhood memories?

Years ago I had the worst cup of coffee ever at London Zoo. Later, I tried the tea. It tasted like the smell in the rhino house.

No doubt, I'll take my grandchildren there in a few years. I must remember to pack a thermos...

The trip up the M1 to Whipsnade is a good day out, too.

What on earth is the "optional donation" for? And on top of over 14 quid. Its like being mugged, and then getting an extra kicking from a bystander!

The extra donation is, apparently, for the Zoo's gorilla and rhino conservation projects.

I didn't pay up (so my apologies to any gorillas who may be reading).

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