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I was thinking about heading into town, but wiser voices prevailed...I'm going to go to my local fireworks instead. I think even if there are only three sparklers and a catherine wheel, it will probably work out better.

I went into town for the Millennium fireworks and regretted every minute of it (esp. the bit where it took us two hours to get back home due to station closures). Never again. As for the drinking ban, I travelled on a northern line train late on a Saturday night last month, and the only people in the carriage *not* drinking alcohol were my friend and I (who don't drink much anyway). However, I'm willing to accept that the ban works really well at 8 am on a Monday morning or 5 pm on a Wednesday evening.

The Dome was 'sold' to O2, so what's the problem with LG paying part of the £1.6M the event costs?

There are many better ways for the London ratepayers' mopney to be spent than on coloured pops, bangs and smoke. There's... well... erm, well, the Olympics has to be funded somehow now that the media-induced credit-crunch has led to a decline in corporate sponsorship.

Sadly we now live in a sponsored world.

If one of the biggest electronics companies in the world want to give a bit back for all they take from us, then good on them. I personally have no problem with that at all.

I seem to remember your devotion to value for money didn't extend to keeping the cheaper bendy buses, BlueWitch. So if it's OK to piss millions away on replacing adequate buses, what's wrong with a few hundred thousand on a party?

Us in south London can still get pissed on the mainline trains, at least. Have a good one!

So no Piccadilly line pints tonight then? No boozing on the N279 home? I was looking forward to that! Thank goodness for the mainlines, eh?

Here's to a great New Year to DG and all of his readers!

Who is sponsoring the free tube travel tonight? LG still?

It's quite a good way to spend NYE for me, leave the flat at 1130 and wander down to Lambeth bridge (This is a great vantage point without the hoards of revellers) home by 0045.

Isn't Boris being projected onto the Southbank tonight as well? Muppet.

Happy 2009 DG-looking forward to another year of your blog and reading all the comments.

There is no free travel sponsor. LG are only sposoring the fireworks. Traditional LRT/TFL free travel sponsors were banks (no chance there then) and drinks companies (hardly possible thanks to Boris' un-enforced booze ban). Incidentally LUL have offered staff no guidance regarding the latter - i.e. strictly enforce it or turn a blind eye to avoid confrontation. Of course they can't 'relax' the rule as it was put into the by-laws.

Having opted to watch the fireworks on tv, there's a slight snag - fireworks don't work too well on a pixellated digital signal. Oh and on ITV, Elton John was heard to mutter how much he hates New Year.

btw, where can I see Big Boris's address to the nation?

Boris' ridiculous New Year speech can be seen here:


Anyways, happy new year all!

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