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Fascinating. So much I did not know that I did not know. Keep up the good work please
It's not "jewels remains still gleaming"?!!! :-o
You can watch a film of the 1966 Football World Cup in Parloes Park, Barking at 3pm today. They will also be Tony Gale and Tony Cottee, West ham football players giving talks. At 5.15 they are also showing a film about Booby Moore. In the Tactics tent. Lots of live music too on the main stage, all free.
[link to event]
On Cup Final Day 1966 I was in Norwood, not Wembley, for the interests of the English are many and varied.

Try to think of any other country in the world where men would have as their hobby the construction of electronic organs and would then band together to form a Society. Only in England.

And so it was that while Bobby Moore and his merry men were achieving everlasting glory, 13 miles away a group from the Electronic Organ Constructors Society were listening to flutes and diapasons produced from sine, sawtooth and square waves in Chatsworth Way, Norwood.

Not everyone's a football fan . . .
Not being a footy fan I had no idea about this and it is a fascinating and very 'English' story. You have an amazing ability to write about such a variety of topics. Thanks for keeping us entertained and educated!
Excellent story DG - thanks for all the detective work!
Can I just say that my first ever dentist (Dr Beavis) was in Beulah Hill?
Super read - great idea DG. Love the 'find the exact spot stuff' like Jack the Ripper a year or two back.
I gave up on the England football team years ago, if they can't be bothered, then neither can I.
I've always liked to imagine St Valery was the Upper Norwood house in the Sherlock Holmes novel, The Sign of Four. It looks gothic enough, anyway!
Dan: No, it isn't, but you may well ask, since the way they pronounce 'Jules Rimet' is very odd. If they were trying to sound French they should have said 'Zhool Rimay'. If they were thinking 'Dammit, we're English', they should have said 'Joolz Rimett'. But actually they said 'Joolz Rimay', which doesn't make sense on any principle.
Wow, what an amazing story! :)
I saw a great clip recently from Blue Peter where the presenters announce the death of Pickles the dog. He died in an accident chasing a cat or something. The presenter simply says 'well, served him right', and they all agree!! Wouldn't be like that today!
If I remember my 1966 World Cup Scrapbook ( now sadly lost ) correctly the other big story was Rattin of Argentina being sent off when they played England. I remember including cuttings of newspaper articles featuring Pickles, and also the coins that you collected from a certain brand of petrol station. It all seemed - well - so British !
There's lots of hybrid pronunciations like Joolz Rimay. Munich, for instance, often pronounced with a German-sounding throat-clearing at the end, a sound which does not appear in (English) English. It does appear in German, but in that language the town is called M√ľnchen anyway.
.. and twenty years of that bleedin song. *cries*
As you may know, there is a house called Pickles Close near Aylesbury (HP18 0HH)

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