please empty your brain below

It was unexpectedly amazing. I was in the same grandstand (I think) - peruvian wharf? - and it was a brilliant atmosphere and experience. Tomorrow will be even better I bet!

Although the annoying american mispronouncing Thames was really really annoying!

I'm pondering sneaking along myself - 'sneaking' because I'll be buggered with a large fruit if I'm going to pay £20+ to stand in a place I patrol regularly as part of my job.

Yes...I'm stingy and don't want to give money to the people who arrange such races. I'm a git like that.

Must admit I've enjoyed watching some of the series on TV ... but ... have also noted that a few seconds of this new sport have negated a year's worth of my own efforts to reduce climate change.

According to their website, the London race will be a "totally carbon neutral event". Which, I suspect, means they've paid a scammy carbon offset company to plant fifty trees in Norway, or something.

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