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My mother worked at Ruislip Library from 1952-1959. I do remember how cold it was in the winter.
One interesting piece of info, back in those days Telephone numbers had an Exchange PreFix, the Area code was Swakeleys. Our number was SWA2159

Ruislip was my home in the UK for 12 yrs until we moved abroad. When ever I think about my childhood Ruislip is always at the center of it.
Three on my doorstep I didn't know about, but now bookmarked for further investigation. Thanks.
Am I the only person who quite likes Hillingdon station? At least it's a nice change from all the grey steel and greyer concrete which seems to be compulsory for everything these days.
One of the advantages of moving to Warsaw is that a middle-aged man with camera around neck moving through the landscape alone arouses no suspicions of nonciness. Maybe a snoop for the tax authorities, but a kiddy-fiddler - never. The Daily Wail and its ilk have much to answer for in terms of the deconstruction of social trust in the UK.
I'm not a massive fan of Hillingdon station, but it does have some redeeming features - the bridge, and above all the pointed roof over the platforms (which seems like a reference to, and an updated version of, those on various Inner Circle stations). But there is a strange sense of desolation about it all, and the use of white panels everywhere hasn't aged well.

I'd say that it is in any case very much preferable to either the ghastliness of Ickenham station, or the really unremarkable and not attractive 1930s station previously at Hillingdon.
The main problem at Hillingdon station is the horrendous traffic noise from the adjacent M40 - it must be amplified by the cutting. I tend to use it early evening so don't know what it's like when traffic thins but I do feel sorry for the staff.
The traffic noise is horrible when you are at the station. The station looks especially wonderful from the A40 though, if you're driving into London.
I remember the station looked wonderful in the architect's model (but then don't they all?). The reality was rather different, including the windswept walkway (why not glaze it?), and the disappointment of the direct slope from the platform to the car park and quickest walking/cycling route to Hillingdon Circus turning out to be only for disabled access; everyone else has to climb the stairs, double round and come back down another staircase. Also a second car park to entice drivers out of the jam on the A40 never materialised, so one of the tatty wartime-relocation wooden huts is still there.
The most bizarre (and wasteful) feature of the station is the lighting. Mounted on the sides of ugly girders apparently waiting for a roof that never came, they send as much light up as down and look as though they were a temporary fix because the real ones weren't ready. Twenty-plus years later they are still there!

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