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Barking and Dagenham - Borough of culture?
Borough of Culture? So not Sutton, then. :)
I'd like to see B&D win, not just because I live there.

Aside from plonking down a dirty great housing estate in the 20s - 30s, there hasn't been very much in the way of building churn in the borough, so we still have several old farm houses and cottages that elsewhere would have been long swept away.

It's surprising how much history is on view in what is usually considered a pretty bland borough.
Captain Cook was married in Barking parish church in 1762. Barking was also home to the largest private fishing fleet in the world (the Short Blue fleet), before the coming of the railways.
DG - Not only did William the Conqueror give Barking Abbey a royal charter but
actually stayed at the Abbey after the invasion fwhen the White Tower was being built.
Ah! Photos of pretty things! Lovely!

Must say I never would have thought of B&D as Borough of Culture, but why not? Hull seems to have made a good fist of the national effort.

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