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Gotta start making up that soon-to-be £700m funding shortfall from somewhere...
I can't speak for this latest initiative, but the original 'retail revolution' had little impact on me. Yes, it was nice to see the demise of the grotty shops that had been there before and the walk though the underpass was a little more pleasant. However I had no interest whatsoever in the retail enterprises that had been set up. This latest lot just sound wierd. It would be simpler to suggest that customers of LU get off one station before their destination and walk. That would do wonders for health and wellbeing and DG testifies with his various bracing walks
Scary thing is that similar concepts and language are used to sell university education these days ...
Where are they finding room for all this ? (Especially at Piccadilly Circus)
'mission to seamlessly connect landlords' vacant spaces to people with great ideas' Isn't that an estate agent?
Healthy food delivered straight to your door. Hmmmm yes please.

Now, how does this work? I live in Cornwall. Where is Old Street station?
Oh, joy, at discovering that the director of commercial asset management at TfL is called Justin Brand. He's real, too: I've just looked him up on LinkedIn.
Nominative determinism is alive and well!
So long as TfL realise that their main business is still providing buses and trains to move commuters et al.

They could so easily get distracted by other methods of 'revenue generation' - particularly if they didn't involve moving the general public!
Thanks DG. I needed a good giggle and you provided one; 'fern-frond nibbles' sound like a best seller!

All I can think of now is Malk, that Simpsons invention with no nutritional value.
My new favourite euphemism is "non-fares revenue". Ha!

But why would anyone want to make porridge with egg-whites?
'If you're following a vegan or paleo diet, make tracks.'

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Torture! I HATE "pop up", but far far more I HATE "curated".

Revealing my own prejudice, I wonder what % of those involved are from posh private schools looking for the next dot com get rich quick opportunity.
'ephemeral retail' for pop-up is a new one on me. I still prefer 'temporary' though
Possibly they were so busy arranging curators for their pop-ups that TfL didn't have time to put anything on their website about the proposed tube strike next Tuesday / Wednesday (nothing as at 15.00 today, Thursday).
Wow, I am so not the target market this stuff...!
Though interesting to see they have unearthed a long-abandoned green-mosaic-tiled 1970s subterranean toilet complex elsewhere in the subway network, which is currently up for lease as a restaurant. It's a long shot and probably not a venue that'll appeal to everyone, given low ceilings & lack of windows, but I'm quite glad to see TfL has enough initiative (or urgent budgetary need) to put what would otherwise be forgotten basements behind locked doors to profitable use.
Used to be a little stall in Old street station (the underpass as I remember) that sold the old Star Wars figures....ah well.
Funny that, I have a "pop up" toast event in my kitchen everyday.

I wish these marketing types would move away from these "fluffy" terms and get real for a what a fresh approach to marketing :-)
Just caught up with this. Loved the "dripping with cynicism" commentary. Clearly I need to pop along to "Retailer 2" and try out a line from the Bourne Ultimatum and ask for a "heart healthy omlette with goats cheese and peppers".

I used to work for LU near Old Street and had to navigate the low level shops every day. It was never wonderful but most of the shops saw decent trade and clearly kept people in business. One wonders what's happened to them? I haven't been to see any of the pop ups because I object to paying a 100-1,000% premium for poncy sounding but not very special products. I note also that the local retailers and market at Bruce Grove station have all been booted out in recent weeks. Clearly people who can't afford high rents or don't meet TfL's criteria as "suitable" businesses just get kicked out and possibly put out of business. Not sure how that all works to the greater good of small businesses and local communities.

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