please empty your brain below

I watched some from the exit doors of the Dome (O2) near the beach area. They had the doors open and about emough room for about 100 people to stand outside.Restricted view but you could hear the commentary.
Saw a helicopter doing some manouvers near the end of the display.
Guessed you would be there DG.


I would have loved to have seen the O2 (dome) as the backdrop tho this amazing-sounding show. Alas, I was trying to entertain a houseful of children at a birthday party. Thanks for the report.

I could see it from my front step. Looked like fun.

And they've started started again - best make use of that free ticket...

I'm so glad it wasn't just me that spotted the Chuckle Brother pilot, I think my friends thought I was semi-barking.

To me, to you!

Thank you for the overview of the show! It's really good to get it as I never had a chance to visit the show

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