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I visited the E15 Albert Square (which I found faintly depressing) about 5 years ago after telling my partner (an avid Eastenders fan but I don't hold that against her) that I'd take her to Albert Square when we went to our next Arsenal game.

Needless to say that the double bed in the hotel room was fairly frosty that weekend.

Comforting to note that anyone with preconceived inverted snobbery ideas will quickly have them reinforced by the teeth grindingly nimbyish concerns of the Albert Square (SW8)blog...Heathrow flight noise (okay maybe understandable but it's hardly Hounslow), Tube noise(oh puhlease) and the trumpeted return of "planning alerts" (presumably to call the faithful to the latest assault on the council offices to "object" to anything remotely useful or forward thinking that may be proposed).

Oh what fun to live in "Boris's London" (LOL, ee's funnyez) on the eve of the coronation of young king David...



@ChingfordFlaneu I live very close to Albert Square, SW8. I have no connection with assa, but the concerns of the group are genuine.

The old Freeman's building opposite the square is currently undergoing a major development. This is good news for the local area and the economy, but a tight check needs to kept on the increase in the local population, and the provision that is available for us all to share.

assa has done a fine job in working in partnership with other stakeholders to make the transition smooth. A Tesco is to become part of the development. assa has successfully managed to limit the level of lighting at the front of the building to satisfy both existing residents, and the new commercial partners.

Albert Square SW8 is not perfect (pricey) but there is a very definite sense of community. A recent street sale was highly successful. Residents held a jumble sale one Saturday morning. An arrangement was in place with Lambeth Council to take away any unsold items in the afternoon to the local MIND charity shop.

Come and visit us like DG - you may find you like what is happening around this patch.

...and, with regard to tube noise...

When the Victoria line was being extended to Brixton (about 40 years ago), London Underground built a big access shaft for construction materials bang in the middle of Albert Square SW8. Those tube rumbles are probably annoyingly genuine.

I was a faithful EastEnders fan from episode one, for the first 10 years, but havn't seen one episode, or even a commercial for it, for the last 15!! Moving 5000 miles away helped cure that addiction, but not one I'd recommend!
I do still have my Eastenders mug though!

Why is there never any mention of the Blackwall Tunnel closures on Eastenders? or the daily queues that are caused by miles of traffic trying to squeeze their way under the river to get home.

never seen Eastenders

Did you notice,dg, that the South Lambeth Albert Square has blogged about your blog? However they take slight exception to ChingfordFlaneur's comments but are open to suggestions . I Suggest they leave the gates unlocked...

so... who did it???

My real life Albert Square is actually a square and is in Tower Hamlets. But it's called Albert Gardens, in E1 and I can't help thinking that LBTH has missed an opportunity by not renaming the square...

Isn't Eastenders Albert Square based on Fasset Square in Dalston?

Okay, Okay I apologise already! :o)

In my defence I'm just so tired of the growing tide of real Nimyism and it's stultifying effect on Londons development that I jump to conclusions a little too easily.

TBF the Square looks lovely...


The garden in Albert Square (SW8) is open to all - the gates happened to be padlocked on DG's visits because of council work to lay down a much-needed paved footpath around the perimeter. If you come along on Saturday 20 March there will be a local recycling event (aka street jumble sale)as well as stalls from local environmental campaigns - as we really are sooo nimbyish.

Chingfordflaneur is wide of the mark on the Nimbyish aspects although there is certainly an aspect of self promotion.
Albert Square gardens are privately owned and paid for by the houses facing onto the Square. However the community is so inclusive/liberal that they allow the general public to use the Square.

Some houses are fed up with paying for the upkeep of a private garden where the public go to mostly exercise their dogs.
The amount of dogsmuck in the garden shows that many people dont pick it up.

Diamond Geysers confusion might be that there are about 4 or 5 Gates to the Square. 3 or so are permanently locked but 2 of them are always open.

This seems like a very nice square and quiet. I liked it.

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