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Nice clear bus map. What a good idea - are you listening TfL?
I welcome the move. If TfL is not keen on doing this properly, leaving it to those who are is the wisest thing to do.
I wish them well, but mid-October seems a truly bizarre time to launch a service aimed at out-of-towners and tourists.
Maybe now the Tory government has tanked the currency we can expect a winter windfall of overseas visitors.
The fare is only £4 for us over- 60s....!
Yep, the map is excellent. By the way, the website is as shown, but the link to it doesn’t seem to work.
I for one think it's a fantastic idea, the Routemaster is the only bus I have travelled on in the last 25 years. On any trip to London I would try a take a ride, reliving my childhood.
The photos really do impress the buses look tremendous.
A quick Google shows that two of the directors have previous history in similar operations and in running normal bus services. Either they're the sort that blunder from one bankruptcy to another or they actually have some expertise in such things. Time will tell.
With the pound so low I predict an influx of US visitors who will love this! Ding ding!
I have used hop on and off tourist buses in several unfamiliar cities and found them a great way to get to know the place. This one seems reasonably priced but the route is a bit short. If it is a success and could be extended to a full circle through the City via Tower Bridge it ought to be winner.
RM 871 & 1941 were part of the fleet used for the 15 until 2020.

Not quite an exact match, but the N96 did run Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Westminster, Waterloo thence to Chingford from 1984 to 1989.
I'm not convinced that Gill Sans on a registration plate is legal.
Leaving aside your noted pessimism about such things, introducing the opportunity to ride on a 'traditional red London bus' at the same time as the number of overseas visitors to the UK is growing, could be a smart move. US visitors in particular, prompted by an active social media presence, and some hotel concierge briefings, could see the service become an Instagrammable, even popular tourist staple. I applaud the initiative.
Shame they're using buses with replacement windows. Without wind-down windows it isn't a proper Routemaster to me.
The website omits a key fact: What time is first/last bus of the day. Useful for planning a days tourism.
MilesT: The times are shown on the leaflet (see link in blog FAQ).
Allegedly roadside publicity goes out on Monday.

Byford said “we must look at bus maps” before he scuttled.
FYI the website link code needs prefacing with "https://", as it won't work otherwise.

dg writes: switched, thanks.
I've seen some photos on social media posted by a crew member on one of the vehicles. Looked like a fun day...

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