please empty your brain below

I've seen a couple of my fellow Forest Gate residents complaining on Twitter that it's being advertised as "Wanstead" when it clearly starts in Forest Gate.
There was a proposal by the Ramblers to make the Silk Stream route a "formal" London trail, so I guess this is a development of that, with its pleasant parks, and a relatively "wild" section of the Welsh Harp reservoir. The Wembley section isn't without interest, but a bit lacking on the "nature" front
Admirably thorough research on the paper versions. It does rather amaze me that "... underground ticket office" gets listed. Someone is not keeping up.
Comparing routes, these have nothing to do with the Ramblers' proposed trails.
Shame the leaflets are scattered across the Capital and seem so hard to find.
We could do with a few central stations where you can pick up all 4 in one go!
What we could really do with is a downloadable pdf of each of the leaflets, but that's not the Footways way of doing things.

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