please empty your brain below

Its good to have you back, and in such good form too. I need a daily dose of quirk to go with my morning coffee.

As usual- fascinating reading. Now- how can I explain to wife as to WHY we have to leave 20 minutes earlier for our plane from Heathrow so I can visit an upturn canon?

Fantastic. I think I might have to nip out and get a copy...

Thats the DG i`ve been missing these last few days, ordered the book immediately. many thanks from another OS addict

Another thought,just hope the local scrap scavengers dont read you.
Those cannons could be worth a bomb, if you know what I mean

This is one site that I simply must visit, the next time I in the UK.

Have you seen this? My first real month on WordPress - I thought you might find it interesting. Or perhaps relevant.

Thanks for this...and great to have you back. I just looked at your map and realised that I stayed once at the Hotel Ibis just along the Northern Perimiter Rd from the cannon. I wish I'd known about then.

I was given Map Addict for Christmas as an unusually apposite gift from the Hippopotamus (that's mother-in-law to those than never saw Reggie Perrin). It's a great book, full of interesting stuff. The only thing that irritated me slightly was the author's repeated reference to his sexuality. Frankly, I don't really give a stuff if he is gay, straight, bi, likes dressing up as a dog or only fornicates on Fridays when there is a full moon and Angela Rippon is on the telly. Or all of those things. Why did he feel the need to mention it so often?
Rant over.

I lived in Hounslow for 15 years, and had no idea!

top post... who knew!!!

There is a public house in Feltham named "The General Roy", named after the chap in dg's article.

By coincidence, I am also about half way through 'Map Addict' and a very fine book it is. Early on the author mentions the 1960's edition of the "AA Illustrated Book of the Road". My Dad used to have one of these and I used to spend hours looking at the marvellous illustrations as a boy. After reading about it, I had to get another copy and managed to order a second hand one on Amazon. It arrived today and it's just as good as I remembered, the best £8.50 I've spent for some time.

Ooooh, thanks DG. Wish I hadn't missed the Radio 4 series. Guess I shoudl read the book. A little test - who knows the Melway? Mmmmm - the world's greatest street directory...


I didn't know the cannon at the Northern end of the baseline still existed. Will have to go and see it sometime. Having lived in Hampton for four years (and in the area for 15) and passing Roy Close and Cannon Close nearly every day, I only discovered why they were so named in November last year, and wandered down Roy Close for a look. Interesting to see the commemorative plaque was originally affixed to the gun itself. It's now bolted to the iron railings nearby, which is perhaps less of a lure to passing vandals.

I knew about General Roy, living virtually along the baseline he used. Did you know that he used a church spire in Banstead, Surrey as a marker for the baseline. From the start point at Heathrow, he could see the spire in the distance, and headed towards it and ended up at Hampton.

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