please empty your brain below

Damn, that phone doesnt exist???

If you would like to link to the DGRN, it can be found at
. But then that would go against everything you've said about Facebook...

So, erm, does that Facebook link I posted in the main text not link to the DGRN?

The January 2008 Tube map is all over Southwark station. The invasion is coming!

no FB

Your link didn't work, no. NJB's one does.

So, erm, what's the DGRN doing in Oxford?
Is there a non-Oxbridge version?

DG- what is the least clicked on link?

No idea, but there are several links every day that are barely clicked.

Links to Facebook groups appear with the user who posted the link's primary network as a subdomain of - though Oxford would be a vaguely relevant place for the DGRN to reside

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