please empty your brain below

Remarkable really. And no passenger limit. It’s 8 max over here for what I’d call a ‘normal’ single decker.
Unfortunately it seems that since the announcement of this measure, passenger numbers have in fact risen. People love a freebie, seemingly no matter what the cost could be.
I noticed on the "travel" graph, shown at yesterday evening's Press Briefing from Downing Street, that the line for TfL Bus stops one day before the other lines. Presumably that's because nobody now really knows the level of TfL bus usage.
TfL seems to be able to procure x-thousand bespoke stickers surprisingly easily, there are a mix of Saturday and Sunday schedules at the moment, and some routes won't require stickers as there is no central door, so guess around 5300-5500 buses needed them.
It's obviously very far down the list of things to worry about just now, but TfL have a design standard for arrows, and that ain't on it.

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