please empty your brain below

I'm a huge fan, DG, but the mystery must involve the fairer sex or else your blogging time would surely suffer... Better luck next year!

Only 6 bottles in a month? Puts me to shame especially as I'm typing this with a hangover

Face it mate,you`re getting old

O.K. Older

Mystery count = Degrees over 10'C it got in February :)

Is the mystery count the number of times Andrewh has not commented?

I'm presuming something happened in January 2003 to cause the lack of a Count 10 in February...
However, I suspect the continuing absence of Count 10 is a lifestyle choice. If that is so, why bother having a Count 10?

My guess for the Mystery Count is having to have a sick day off work.
I wonder why 2003 was so sociable (with the equivilent rise in driving Becks) than almost all the other years put together! Especially as February is not generally regarded as a particularly sociable month anyway!
And do Leap Years mess up your statistics! ;)

Is the Mystery Count the number of times you've drunk in Starbucks over the month?

Re bottles of Becks Blue, the non-alcoholic version, I'd like to point out that for those of us pregnant lager fans, it is by far the best of the non-alcoholic lagers and I'm a big fan, so I'm glad pubs do it. Looking forward to being able to have the real thing again at some stage though...

How about aircraft flights for the mystery count?

a 'proper' night out once a month sounds like about right to me, if it involves stumbling and getting home at 3 etc.

I was away when the Count was coming in and was glad to see the results. Everything as it should be as if the mystery count was not zero we would still be none the wiser and the suspense is everything. The power of imagination.......

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