please empty your brain below

I wonder how much all of this is going to cost. More councils wasting our money.

John, right or wrong, enacting the democratic will of the people should never be seen as a waste of money. It does seem silly, but people are silly and they have spoken. Well, some of them anyhow.

Sadly, for such an important executive position, there has been almost no campaigning amongst the general public.

Labour and its associates are acting as if they will get the Mayoralty on a plate (which they probably will) and have spent more time fighting amongst themselves for the job than they have persuading the voters to support them.

I can only hope that the whole thing implodes in a most spectacular fashion and we, the electorate can muster up enough signatures for a ballot to abolish the Mayor at the next election.

For the record, I also voted against the idea for a Mayor as I think selecting a single person from a collection of dubious candidates is a bad way to run a local government.

Seen from here this election, is exactly the sort of thing Geert Wilders is warning the Netherlands about.

I also voted against the Idea of a Mayor for Tower Hamlets, I have also worked within a Tower Hamlets Polling Station and have watched in disbelief while great numbers of people have been intimidated as they went to vote, your right DG the whole thing stinks.

I have direct experience of the slime balls that claim to be democratically elected representatives in your borough. I wouldn't trust a single one of them to tell me the correct time within a tolerance of 6 hours let alone take control of the functioning of the borough's services. I've always been opposed to the directly elected Mayor idea ever since it was imported here form NY NY. If it takes extraordinary measures to control that Bangladeshi thief woman in the HoL's, what chance have we in keeping control of the LBTH Mayor?

Ok so you get a Mayor. It's not the end of the world. Vote for the best candidate, campaign, don't sit in the corner and cry. Do as I say, not as I do. :(

I don't know anyone that voted who said "yes" to an elected mayor in TH either. A waste of money and fraught with the risk of vote-rigging and factionalism more suited to the Third World. MInd you, did you get your free copy of "London Bangla"? Hardly an independant voice, but the detail of hustings debate would put the UK broadsheets to shame.

I guess the Tories will have scuppered their chance of dividing the Labour, and ex-Labour now indenpendant, vote and coming through the middle after this Wednesday's CSR is made known.

The *real* problem with democracy is simply that most people don't know what's good for them.

Well, democracy certainly isn't. Why we think it is so wonderful I cannot imagine. Are any of our commercial companies run on democratic principles? And very many third world countries cannot handle democracy and really need a single strong leader.

DG for King!

As the then resident of the West Wing, President Josiah Bartlett once so accurately put it "Democracy belongs to those who turn up (to vote)".If nothing else make a virtue out of this necessity and press for a thorough post election audit of postal votes. The system is wide open to abuse and its reform (IIRC opposed by Labour) is long overdue.

I disagree with your dismissing John Griffiths. This is a local vote on local issues. He seems to be a sensible bloke and, most importantly, is not a member of the local Labour Party!

I voted no too at the referendum, but my sister voted yes on the basis she thought she was voting for Ken v Boris!!! If that's the level of understanding we have to deal with then god help us! Having received my polling card some weeks ago, I was stunned not to receive some sort of reminder for the election. Unless you are a reader of the London Bangla, which around 60% of TH probably are not, then how were residents to know the election was on?! And don't get me started on the corruption at Tower Hamlets Council; a night at the planning committee is an eye opener in that respect!

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