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I like it. There are many thousands of older slightly down-at-heel local shopping areas that could be wonderfully improved with a similar makeover. If only we had an extremely rich person with a philantropical streak, and a wish to memorialise themselves in the manner of a 21st century Passmore Edwards.
Very nice, but yes, the fly-through under sells it, looking like a deserted ghost town.
Another gentrification creating the removal of a long standing community that used to include two bus garages Percy Daltons peanut factory and a hospital.
At £410k + for a 50m sq flat where are all the present less affluent locals going to live?
The redevelopment contains hundreds of homes for social rent, sequentially delivered (and hundreds more for private sale).
A really interesting read! It makes one wonder if the upgrade was always more about making the surroudnings more visually appealing for the affluent new neighbours rather than enticing them to use the shops and other facilities! Just as well the decor is only temporary though - these kind of paint projects look great for a year or so, then very quickly look awful once the effects of the weather progressively take hold...
Oh! What a pity to go from "how lovely" to "what a shame" within a few sentences.

I'm glad the locals get to enjoy living in such pretty surroundings before the relentless tide of blandness reaches their doors again.
I love this. But to be fair the buildings themselves are so boxy and boring that just about anything would be an improvement.
Where would you want your granny to live ? In a low density street where she only has to walk outside to talk to people, and meet old friends.Or the box in the sky where nobody will ring the doorbell.
Excellent. How did you keep it secret so long. A definite competitor to Burano and Tobermory. Get it listed. Get tourists in. Get Banksy to finish the pub side wall. Keep the developers away.
This area used to be "South Bromley" on my Geographers' A-Z but now it's "Aberfeldy Village" on google maps. I'm wondering what the process is for a new area name to be added to a mapping service.
If you want somewhere to buy your net curtains then Crisp street market is a mere bike ride away to the west. It's authentically grotty and all the better for it. No ill conceived tart-up paint job here just grey grey concrete. And Cockney Maureen's for all your two plus one and liquor requirements. Yum.
...'the old bloke who should have retired by now'.

I'm not exactly a 'woke' crusader, but I wouldn't have expected such a dismissive, ageist comment in a DG blog.
A brilliant concept and looks marvellous, but I think your final paragraph captures my thoughts about the 'dark side of the rainbow' rather nicely, DG. Both Notting Hill affluence and Brazilian favelas spring to mind.

Also, I think I'll add 'hospitality fripperies' to the list of pithily apt DG term coinages.
I doubt the unfriendliness of the locals hasn't changed since I was around in the 1980's. You have to bear in mind that people from Bethnal Green, Stepney or Bow are considered 'foreigners' let alone anyone from further distant.
It's quite sad to see the bland gentrification of London.
I love this its so nice and if i was a resident would give a feel good vibe even in winter.... when its always grey in the uk.

Grey pavement, grey shops.... pop color lovely. They did a similar thing in Leyton during the olympics.

There's something pleasing and calming about symmetrical signs for each frontage

Then i look at the bottom image as as Edward Norton says in fight club 'everyone is trying to buy into the Calvin Klein lifestyle'.

Is this trend not waining now? ...i mean look at that bottom image its grey boring, and looks like Hackney Wick which is just a dull now.

Next year will hit these developers hard...mark my word!
Tommy Flowers! My Dad knew him back in the 1950s when computers hardly existed. Flowers was a brilliant man, but back then his work was still highly classified and he couldn't speak about it.

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