please empty your brain below

Pizza delivery problems would probably do my (stuffed) crust in... it's no good at all.

A very common arrangement, to give the same street name to houses close together on foot, but accessed differently by motor vehicle. Probably suitable for the past and future, when most access was or will be on foot. Maybe not so good for this short period while car is king.
To add to the delivery problems all addresses on Ronnie Lane have the same post code. Maybe a canny estate agent could make the difficulties of ordering deliveries a selling point.

On the geography question it's firmly in the Little Ilford ward which is the main formally defined answer.

A glance at Google Maps' satellite view suggests that it was meant to be a straight road parallel to Walton Road with clusters of houses off it but presumably the 1990s practices of estate modifications came along in the late stages and converted a planned through road into three dead ends (by giving other space in the middle to facilities at the back of some of the Walton Road flats) without changing the assigned name.
In this (uncommon) case, the three parts of Ronnie Lane are disconnected on foot as well as by car.
So diamond geezer this thread. Ronnie Lane one of Londons greatest ever song writers isn't having his genius discussed but delivery logistics to Ronnie Lane E12!

Wunderbar. It's what makes life interesting.
Robert Elms on BBC London played "Debris" this morning, a Faces song with Ronnie as lead vocals backed by Rod Stewart. As Ogden said, Wundabar!!
and the street signs are of 3 different contents, viz:
'London Borough of Newham [crest] Ronnie Lane E12 1-6'
'London Borough of Newham [crest] Ronnie Lane E12'
'Ronnie Lane E12 15-23'
Shouldn't it be Ronnie Lane Lane?
Hmm yes, Ronnie Lane Lane. As in Battersea Power Station Station.
In Elm Park, there's a Brian Close. I assume it's the original name and not named after the legendary cricketer, who never lived there. There's even a Brian Close bus stop.

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