please empty your brain below

Nice choice of phone.

But does it have a torch built in?

3 phones in 5 years?
I'm ashamed of you

dg writes: 2 phones in 5 years, thank you.
And one new phone to last until 2010.

So what happened to the one that could blog from the underground some days in advance? That sounded like a 'sick fone' lolz. I still have the same one from over 4 years ago ... even been through the washing machine, although admittedly it sulked for a few days after that.

Yeah, what about This one?

Count yourself lucky. I had one (temoporarily) from work that would ONLY play tinny dance music and wouldn't even just trill "RING RING". Really frustrating. And didn't sound at all professional.

my wretched phone only rings three times before going straight to answer phone and that is really annoying.

I`ve kept the same ring tone for the past 4 years on three different phones.

Mrs.D. works for the police.

Unknown to her, I loaded up a police siren ringtone on her mobile and linked it to her boss' 'phone.

Driving home soon after, she pulled over and waited for a non-existent police car to cruise past.

I still have the bruises..

should have waited a couple of months for an iPhone...

FYI: with most (possibly all) phones that play recorded music ringtones, you can plug the phone into your PC and put any audio file you like on them for free.

The really schizo ringtones are the worst. Those are the ones that sound like some sort of eruption of symphonic noise with no discernable melody or rhythm. Like a Jules Verne monster from the audio underworld.

I was awoken to this terrifying sound the other night at midnight... having set the phone alarm by mistake. It was a truly terrifying experience to wake up to that!

Great set of bridge photos... thanks for posting that.

You can record your own phone ringing at home and use that as a ring tone, if you wish.

I hate all my ringtones on my 3yr old Nokia, and refuse to pay for another one, so change it every other day. Then I can't remember which one I am using. We are not allowed to have them ringing at work, only 'bleep once' so it doesn't really matter.

I'm notoriously lazy with updating my phones. I suppose they don't interest me as much as other stuff does, or maybe i just dont have any friends .

Either way, mine plays MP3's for ringtones, so i can have whatever i damn well want for free. Which is nice.

My phone stays on vibrate (for my own personal excitement) most of the time. In the rare cases where it needs to ring, I go for that classic 50's brrring. Nice choice there DG.

I must say that, despite 3 years having passed, my new phone's functionality appears to be remarkably similar to my old one.
Just a bit sleeker. And with smaller buttons.

Get a bluetooth adapter.You can record anything. I even have the Fehrbelliner Marsch, a German cavalry tune. Really wakes people up in the train. Beethoven's fifth is good, so is Take Me Out To The Ball Game. Love the blog. Essential reading for the eastender exiled to Milton Keynes. Good on yer.

OK, I've plugged my phone into my laptop and uploaded some files, as suggested.

I've got the Magic Roundabout as my ringtone, and BBC Test Card F as my wallpaper.

I'm happy now.

The Magic Roundabout makes a very nice ring tone, since if you edit it in the right place you can make a continuous loop.

I used it for a while. Mind you, I also used to use the Tardis dematerialising - back in the days before the BBC revived the series and my niche ringtone became suddenly mainstream.

I've got Yakety sax (Benny Hill) for my ring tone, but I've also had "The Striper", Slade's Christmas song and Royal Marines - "Hearts Of Oak", "In The Mood" and the Jungle Book Theme which raised a few eye brows on the train.

I've just had to pay for an upgrade too, I had an awful P990i which has to be the worst phone ever, I changed it for a K810i - which is wonderful.

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