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I thought it was the "MWLB's"? ... The Men who like buses (Of which, you are becoming one)

Tom Scott was also in Imber last week, and did a great video on it:
I did think this might be an event you would attend, DG. Seems I was right as you must have been sitting right behind me on the open top Routemaster as I clearly see the back of my head (or hat)!
Had the odd experience of seeing the first three bus image as a preview of an image attached to a tweet on my iPad by The Onion in the early hours of Sunday morning. On clicking the preview image, the resulting image was relevant to the tweet. Recognised what the picture was of, not sure why it appeared online on Saturday evening.
Pity that Jeremy Corbyn chose to spend so much time standing up on your bus - it spoiled the shots somewhat!
Great read, thanks DG - fascinating stuff.
Went there last year, but to see the village rather than the buses.
Another area evacuated for military training in preparation for D-Day were the South Hams villages on the south Devon coast, because the terrain was a reasonable match to Normandy. Manoeuvres included the use of live ammunition which left many buildings damaged or destroyed. Fortunately, though, the locals of the South Hams were later able to make their return.
I have a feeling that one of the Dangerous Davies books by Leslie Thomas contains a description of this village (or one very like it). It was so realistic that later I could not remember if I'd seen it in a film or read it in a book!
Interesting to see that the bus they chose for the rainbow livery was a Stagecoach one. I wonder what Brian Souter thought of that?
You wait all year for a bus, then eleven come at once
Bah! I was pootling along the A303 twice last week (16th and 20th) and still managed to miss it! So close!
Maybe next year we'll time our trip better!
Why 23A? Or will I regret asking?
Another great description of a DG day out, complete with fantastic photos. Almost a good a being there!
@ Andrew S

My guess is that it helps to have a letter suffix because they're no longer used: it makes the route instantly seem a bit special, a bus equivalent of Platform 9¾.

Also, to avoid confusion it shouldn't be a current or recent London route. 23A fits the bill perfectly because it was withdrawn way back in 1958.
This is so British an event!
I think the bus stop at Warminster station deserves a mention. It has a flag of proper London design, the most westerly one in regular use, annotated with:

towards Imber & Frome
23A Annual
53 Monday to Saturday

Somehow the no. 53 minibus to Frome, which deviates from its normal route three times a day to visit the station, gets to share this bizarre sign.
The 42 used to run to Imber
but that number has now been taken by a new route.

So instead it is registered as a variant of the old Wilts & Dorset used to run a service between Warminster, Shrewton and Amesbury - the No 23 (see linkie above)

Bath Bus company (with whom the 23a is registered) previously had a school route 23a in the 1990s
Yes, 23A is a variant of the 23 which is or rather was Warminster/Salisbury. That one (or at least to Stonehenge) still runs on the Warminster Vintage Bus Running Days (which happen most years) and always has a Routemaster (or RTW last year) on it (mine!). The Imber service is great fun to organise and participate in and this year we made just under £7000 for charity; St Giles's church and the Royal British Legion Poppy Day appeal. And passengers get to be driven by some very senior people! Peter
I must've been in a room with you so many times DG and we've never met. You can even see me in this photo -

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