please empty your brain below

You sound like a monkey.

Who's got a lovely bunch of coconuts?

Feeling a little fruity this morning?

sounds like the customer is a 'mr potato-head' and possibly needs a zucchini inserting where the sun doesnt shine

I've never seen a straight banana.

Makes perfect sense to me as an inhabitant of the Whitehall jungle.

Great Aunt Annie is a Suggs fan I see Well they're reviewing our satsuma procedures at work at the moment. Funnily enough, I think they're going to opt for the 'electronic banana with cabbage protection' method...

This is all completely nuts (sorry, I couldn't resist) (will surely be banned from commenting here now) (and to think this was my first post) (ok, I'll go now)

I think it's possible to squeeze a point out of this fruity post.

Of course the electronic bananas which are cabbage protected must have an encryption walnut sent from Melon to Pineapple by separate means so that the cabbage protection can be undone to enable the satsumas to be extracted from the electronic bananas.

Electronic Banana has got me singing Donovan all morning.

Ahhh now it all becomes clear..

But surely it's all broccoli?

Don't lose your Apple laptop en route

I suppose it's best to eat the bananas beforehand. That'll really stop those satsuma thieves.

Electronic bananas might be a bit more difficult to swallow, though...

That's your five-a-day sorted then. Possibly for the rest of the week!

been there done that

presumably you don't work for M & S whose apple has been nicked

I trust that you utilised a powerful #!\\%$* to perform the cabbage protection. Pip pip !

This smells of durian to me.

Do royalty get involved in the movement of bananas?

"Because minimising risk is now more important than anything else, even sanity."

Absolutely. I think it's the biggest mainstream cultural phenomenon of the decade. Ironically, the more central control that gets put into place (whether governmental measures or organisational policies & procedures), the less personal responsibility people feel for things, the less they care and ultimately the more the level of risk increases.

Oranges and lemons say the bells of St. Clement's.

Clearly the Whitehall Mandarins are involved here somewhere.

Our current crop of parliamentarians are cabbages. They just don't seem to give a JackFruit about our bananas. If I could get a hold of the top banana, the big cheese, I'd squeeze him ‘til his pips squeak. The future is NOT peachy.


Your bosses sound like fruitcakes to me.

Stop working for Civil Service

Anyone got a lovely bunch of coconuts?

LOL! By the time I got to the last para, my mind automatically inserted an R.

"I love the sheer futility ..."

Suddenly became,

"I love the sheer fRIutility ..."

Alright, an RI.

Yes, I was already bananas.

same as above

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