please empty your brain below

And we are grateful that you did. Thank you.
Two counties left to blog about, eh? Off the top of my head, I'd guess at Lincolnshire and Herefordshire.

dg writes: One correct.

dg writes: Blogged that (precisely ten years ago).
DG has blogged about Skegness (Easter 2007), so Lincolnshire is not one of the missing two.

Well in my completely unbiased opinion, I'd say Cornwall is totally worthy of 6000+ words, and I loved every day of it!
Glad you had a great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. If you do venture back to Cornwall there are plenty of other places worth visiting; two of my personal favourites are Trelissick and the Lost Gardens of Heligan.
But in the Rutland report, DG, you said it was the only English county South of the Lake District that you had never visited. So, how can there be another within 100 miles of London.? We must assume the other is Northumberland, though do I recall you visiting Berwick?

dg writes: But in today's post, David, I state that I have visited all the counties, just not blogged about them all.
If DG is going in late May can I tag along?
I'm going Lincs and Berks
Finally, I'm going to visit Cornwall today, after last there in Camborne back in 1980. Looking forward to visit some of the places dg wrote about.

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