please empty your brain below

was the somewhat poignant memorial still there on penton hook island?
Please go look up "enormity" in the dictionary, and then don't use it to mean "hugeness". It should mean "wickedness".
Sadly so many people haven't heard of this it's getting corrupted.
Thanks for the blog, I enjoy it hugely.
John beat me to it!

Entirely echo his enjoyment, though.
Given that DG usually chooses his words with great care (I liked the pun on "wiered") and he doesn't seem to be a huge fan of the way Littleton has been overwhelmed by the studios, I was prepared to accept that DG actually meant "enormity" in the correct sense of "greatly outrageous" (or even "outrageously large")

The notices about cameras - I don't think a private company can confiscate your property? Not even the police can do that.
(They may require it to be surrendered temporarily, for return when you leave the premises)

Is there a picture of "the strangest sight on the island .... a river flowing through the middle"? I couldn't see make it out on Google Earth - probably too many trees.
It's the dictionaries who you'll need to campaign against the perceived misuse of enormity. They're happy enough to include the enormous related definition. And amusingly they are also happy to include the newer meaning of wicked as well. Excellent! Slang rulz ;)
Most dictionaries document the way language is used and do not attempt to guide 'proper' usage or be a style guide. Many words have changed their meaning over the centuries no doubt meeting resistance at every stage along the way.

Some words have completely reversed their meaning - nice and silly for example.
I'd like to thank my readers for the enormity of their comments on today's post.
Only yesterday I watched Oliver! with the kids which was made in Shepperton, brilliant sets of London even with an elevated railway. Not as good as Lean's film, though

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