please empty your brain below

"the view would of been..." cringe

dg writes: Ulp, yes, sorry, gone now.

I used to live in Spring Park Lane and went to the school up the road in Shirley. I expect it's all changed now as I am talking about 40 years ago.

I'm old.

Oh, and FWIW, Ronnie Corbett used to play golf there. My memory is slowly coming back ....

Love your blog (but you wouldnt know since I rss it through google reader...)
regarding iGeez - it /is/ a windup isnt it??? i cant find it on iTunes, but it does actually sound like an app I would pay for, if you could add value like maps and things...

Yah, "Shut up about Croydon already..."
LOL (as they say).

As one of those lucky enough to have downloaded the iGeez app before it got pulled, I cannot praise it too highly.

In the short time I've had it, it has become my cattle trough locator of choice.

Its ok, ive managed to get iGeez from a warez site and installed it on my jailbroken phone. I dont know why it got pulled though, its completely non-offensive...

A shame you didn't turn south onto the Vanguard Way and keep walking for, oh, thirty-odd miles. Then you would have passed the end of my lane. The local sells Becks, although other beers are available. No cattle troughs though.

Doesn't look like a progressive congregation to me - the website makes it clear that they do Alpha, and the emphasis on cell groups seems to be very strong.
Both these things make it more than likely that this is a part of the conservative, evangelical wing of the C of E, and that anyone going there looking for a progressive church would not be welcome!

Hi Diamond Geezer

Im the Volunteer Route Ranger for London Loop Section 15 between Hatch End and Elstree, so if you have any problems with things like waymarks and route blockages when you get to that section, let me know and ill try and sort them out.

Love your blog BTW


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