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26) I would have really appreciated a spoiler warning, as I'm planning to finish it over the weekend. I guess no Jazatha Christie though.
4. While legally they don't have to, all the major supermarkets will honour the price on the shelf if you bring it to their attention
4. I tried that, but the self-scan attendant wasn’t interested.
2. Correct decision. I think the former must have paid the Guardian for their glowing review.
16. You did do something similar for Teddington a while back.
2 - Agree about ITV, but I did carry on with The Tourist as well. By suspending belief in the unlikely scenarios I found it good entertainment.

26 - I think Jaz got his first vote wrong. It was clear Mollie already suspected Andrew, so if Jaz had voted for Harry, he (Harry) may have gone then, assuming they would use the same rules as the earlier round table situation where two people had the same number of votes.
9. Not even for ready money?
22. When you reach W you will understand.
4. My namesake is right. I would have paid up, then taken the item and receipt to the service desk and requested a refund. Morrisons have form in trying to overcharge, and some years ago the branch where we did most of our shopping kept a daily register of refunds paid out; typically it would have 20 entries by midday.

In the event of reluctance, options would include naming the obstructive attendant, and asking to see the manager.
4. My experiene at Morrisons is that the full price comes up when scanned,and the reduction is applied before the total is displayed. A notice does flash up on the screen saying that 'reductions and offers will be applied at the next stage' but is easily missed.. but it is rather a confusing way of doing things.
4. I think you were probably aware of the various ways by which your justified pricing complaint could have been escalated, but on that occasion chose not to bother. Sometimes going with the flow feels like a good way of saving energy.
Malcolm’s right.
Enough about number 4, thanks.
17 There's been a lot of it this week/month. Justice has usually been done but not resulting in the most severe penalty the families wanted.
26. "If Mollie had been a logician" is a very nice way to frame it.
29 - I'm unsettled by musings of what being a "straining dog" might entail, and intrigued as to whether their presence is an integral part of a park's dreariness.
9: Christopher's comment did make me smile.
8. Taking #1 to see her new school. Rather daunting, but the perfectly-timed snow as we left won her over.
31 - I will miss Stereo Underground for it's musical content, but Latto's format and reliance on catchphrases was far too 'Smashie and Nicey' for my taste.
7) The dread in advance can often be the worst part, if now annual then agreeing a formal schedule might at least remove the fear from the rest of the year.

10) I enjoyed Exploring London's post on Hartley Fire Plates, nice to see someone else keeping up a daily blog in the city.

15) The Royal Mail threat of a thrice-weekly delivery would be an improvement from their actual performance for many!

25) I gave up on the last season, not sure if it was the writing or the history that eventually put me off
18 - Slightly intrigued why you were on the Crayford/Dartford border, as none of your other posts this month have been from that area
23 - Being much earlier in the year than the 2022 one did slightly restrict the types of places you'd want to book tickets for in advance. I have booked 3 trips though
7. Annual reminders, usually taxes, health or money due! Neither are welcome!

11. It's like suddenly stepping into Victorian times, isn't it!

15. An unexpected hospital appointment arrived out of the blue for 5 days later. Not only was it impossible for them to make it (were away) it also said to have taken a blood test no less than a week before the appointment and bring the results with them!

17. For me it's when the news starts off with sports or entertainment.

21. Taking the SL9 to Heathrow last week it irritated me that many of the red tiles were inserted among the white number tiles and not at the end, where the X140 tile had been.

24. Wow!

26. That's what I thought! Rookie error - trust no one!

30. Work from home or save £2 by commuting? No brainer!

I speak of Bullsmoor
Straining dogs round a pylon
A drained paddling pool

A drab slab of grass
Is this Aylands Open Space
London's dreariest park?

A prefabby shed
Maybe frequented in July
Looks more appealing
29 - I can see a lot of football goals in the background, so I reckon on a Saturday and Sunday that open parkland is full of women/men/boys/girls playing football. Depending on your view that either makes it a wasted space or a vital community facility.
5. That's Ira, from the much loved London Centre for Book Arts, decanting flood water onto the street. They took quite a battering - not good when, as bookbinders, your stock is largely paper based.
29. "I'm unsettled by musings of what being a "straining dog" might entail"

People see a park like that and probably think it's ok to let their dog do doggie doo doos and not pick it up. What they don't see is a load of amateur footballers having to go round a pitch and pick it all up before they start to play. I've seen dog owners let their dog have a crap on the pitch before a children's game and then just wonder off like it's none of their business. Makes me angry. I'll stop now!
You've unintentionally taken a picture of the garden of my childhood home. I was still living there when I started reading your blog. Full circle!
13. I'd have said Mogador was a smallish African country if I'd been asked out of the blue. Certainly not a hamlet in Surrey!
25) I'm pretty sure that "St George's Chapel" was actually Winchester Cathedral. I actually walked through there while they were set up to film it, thought it was most likely to be The Crown (I expected it to be the funeral though) and it checked out (the venue, if not the specific event being filmed)
6. Very near to my childhood home. Yes, that is what I had always understood about the road names.
4) Worst is when they put a 'special price' barcode but not over the original! If you go through a manned counter, there's a 90% chance that through muscle memory that the cashier will go straight for the regular barcode.

15) They've been bugging me to get a smart meter and all that techy account on the internet that goes with it -- I suppose the slow post is an extra reason why they'd tried to push it so much.

21) NOOOOOOO, they actually do seem to read your blog! You've probably just ended up banishing that timetable!

30) Not too sure what else he can campaign on to be honest! You'd hope he still wins though against that 'I don't know the bus fare' Tory though.
14. Caused by two sets of engineering works, I'd guess you knew.
Two more sets of engineering works meant no easy access from my part of north London.
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15 I thought all utility bills were emailed these days!
12. Understandably Annie's life has been celebrated more on the radio. However, the BBC also managed a repeat of Annie Nightingale: Bird on the Wireless on BBC4. It's still up on iPlayer.

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