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Impressive place! Lots of woods and open space. The old Redding car park would have cool views over London!

When did they drain the pond at Grim's Dyke? It was there when Betjeman did Metro-land. Or so he said.

it has not been drained as far as I am concerned....maybe a nearby one has?

There's more than one pond at Grim's Dyke.
The pond with a plaque is definitely drained.
The pond nearest the house is still full.

The dogging site is a good read

I don't know about Harrow, but according to the Standard, the government are scaling back on defence spending in the wake of the current global economic crisis. Methinks RAF Bentley Priory won't be the only historic RAF base to disappear as a result of these cuts...

Harrow comes across as rather dull. I suspect this is Harrow's problem and not DG's.

Wow... are crosswords somehow different in England than they are here in the States, or are those really difficult?

Yes, some British crosswords are deliberately cryptic.

Ahhh, that explains a lot. My fellow commuters must've been wondering what I was looking at that had me so confused.

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