please empty your brain below

"None of this is yet a fait accompli. "

Oh yes it is. Don't be naive. This is T$£co. Whatever they want they get. Because local councils don't have the money to fight their crack legal teams.

"18 adjacent retail units for a start, hopefully selling goods that can't be undercut by Tesco nextdoor,"

T£$co will not rent these units to anyone who sells anything even vaguely related to what they sell. There will be a clause in the small shop's lease that expressly forbids it. And, if they do, by accident, the lease will be terminated prematurely, without return of deposit paid. As happened to a friend of mine locally.

As it happens, I visited the store a couple of months ago after a gap of errr at least a decade.
Yuk, what a pokey little shop methought. Why had I such different memories of it?

I think you spoke to soon when you said "as yet unregistered"…

What's your objection here DG?

I'd seen the signage about it in the store, and I think I read something about it in East End Life but hadn't heard about the meeting. It would have been nice if they'd flyered the local area, or at least sent letters to the clubcard holders who visit the current store.

The current store may not be perfect, but it's a lot better than the 2 Tesco Express stores which have recently opened on Bow Road and Violet Road, which only have the essentials. At the moment my nearest decent sized supermarket is in Whitechapel and carrying several bags of shopping on the district line is never fun.

I'm all for this store being redeveloped.

"T£$co will not rent these units to anyone who sells anything even vaguely related to what they sell"...The large Tescos sell everything...don't they?

Resistance is futile as Apathy is rife.

The outgoing chair of CABE (Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment) made a major speech this week in which he criticised mega 'regeneration' schemes by the supermarkets.

DG - your comments box has gone a bit strange. The text has gone into the right-hand-side margin and needs scrolling...

dg writes: Look OK
ormal to me,
both in Internet Explorer and in Firefox.

re HF's remarks. I have exactly the same happen on my PC at home. Has only happened since upgrading to IE8. Ironically IE8 at work does not do this. Anyone have a clue as to what needs adjusting?

of course if LBTH knock it back then it will go up to ministerial level, with the answer T$£co wants.

@HF + PC

I had this problem months ago. Haloscan is a bit ancient and probably not 100\\% HTTP compliant but used to get away with it on older browsers.

Simply click the compatibility box in the top right hand side of your haloscan window (beneath the red cross) and the problem should go away for ever.

What is the volcano (ice-capped??) in the first photo?

It is a grim store and there is nothing nearby of comparable size accessible by public transport. In particular, there is nothing in Mile End itself except a rubbish Budgens.

Sorry, they want to put traffic lights on the A12?

There is a now review of the plans over at SkyscraperNews

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