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Is Andrew Boff the gay one who failed last time when Nobber Norris got the Tory Ticket?

dg writes: yes

The election continues over the summer, with the Conservative Mayoral candidate finally announced in September.

But will David Cameron still be leader?

What a load of wankers.

(I'll read this properly later )

"Be patient"... sort of sums up the issue when it comes to wondering what the Tories are for, doesn't it?

Not that I do, of course.

Boris might be the well known one, but what are his policies on anything? Perhaps adding him to the summary too might be a little illuminating, if you can find anything.

Otherwise, he may just win because everyone votes for him for a laugh...

The only problem is knowing just who the least electable one is.....

Still, if you view the source on Boff's page you find this commendable statement hidden there:

"We will never say....

We will seek the provision of a new revolution in client focussed client/server applications with a proactive and independent value driven approach to resolving customer centred paradigms created by an ever greater need to integrate value added tools that give your business the competitive edge in an ever more techonolgy driven market place responding to a multi platform and complex bilateral, multilateral and rhombecdodecahedroid multi faceted network of opportunity driven de da de da de da de da....."

Can't say fairer than that.

"Otherwise, he may just win because everyone votes for him for a laugh..."

Isn't that how Ken got in?

bunch of clueless c*nts

On Victoria Borwick's manifesto it says "Cut the Cost of Ken from its present £290 a year." I'd say that was a bargain.

David Cameron must be keeping his fingers crossed that Labour and LibDem voters don't gang together and vote for the least electable candidate, just for a laugh.

Oh, I'm sure we can trust the Tories to vote for Boris all by themselves.

I notice that Mr Boff's website has now changed to a different equally meaningless one.

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