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I remember that section of the Loop. I walked that stretch in freezing conditions, with the ponds at Keston all frozen over. Despite that, there was still an ice cream van there trying to sell ice cream. I suppose there was no danger of it melting!

I hope they improve the quality of the online leaflets when they discontinue the leaflet-sending service.

The quality of the online leaflets is far inferior to the proper printed versions. But, alas, they're also hugely cheaper to distribute. Expect to get lost more frequently in future.

lol @ "my manor in East London". oh DG you are the Lord of Bow, innit!

Great post! The rural bits are really amazing.

From this vantage point, halfway around the globe, it really seems to me that this part of London has fascinations that the urban city does not contain.


a better day than today for walking!!!

Really interesting post though you may want to check the Farnborough link, the one you have linked to is the town of Farnborough in Hampshire not the village near Orpington.


dg writes: Now updated, thanks.

2014 update: London Loop 3 leaflets are still available, in abundance, at the High Elms Country Park cafe, and the adjacent Environmental Education Centre.

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