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I've long said Boris will drive us over the cliff, and I see little to make me change my opinion. The whole thing has been engineered by super-rich, tax dodging, Ayn Rand-worshipping maniacs. They've played their hand beautifully.
The country will be split into those surviving on chlorinated chicken nuggets and those living off the best France and Tuscany can provide. And which side will Boris and his cronies be on?
There is an alternative to all of the above. We are quietly preparing.
I find this all very depressing. Among other reasons, because whatever happens half the population, maybe more, will not like it.
Yes, agreed, but...

Is there something in the Labour Party Rules that says Corbyn can't be ousted by a vote of no confidence from his own Party?

dg writes: No, but...

He is the one thing standing in the way of a different progress - as I understand it, only he can call a vote of no confidence in the current government and definitely have it approved (others can try, but the Speaker needn't give heed to the request), but no-one wants Corbyn to lead a Government of National Unity (which he is currently insisting on), so his call for a vote of no confidence won't be supported by enough MPs to be carried.

Give Labour a new leader (hence my first question) and there may be a chance. A slim may but at least there might then be some sort of effective Opposition.

Lack of a proper Opposition for the past x years is what has brought us to where we are now.
Ha ha! Prorogation!OH NO YOU DON'T!

UK politics is now dominated by three words nobody understands: "brexit", "backstop" and "prorogation", but alledgedly if we all go out to vote it should be all be OK.
@Blue Witch "but no-one wants Corbyn to lead a Government of National Unity"

I do.

I can never forgive Cameron for starting this.

I want to think May tried her best, but given she was the one who triggered Article 50 without a plan then left it until the last minute before proper negotiation (and her previous on not exactly being 'for the people') I can't.

We all knew what we'd get with Boris, so personally I fear all is now lost.

Boris, Trump and Farage. The Unholy Trinity.
meanwhile the ice melts, the forests burn and the oceans are awash with plastic
"Events, my dear boy.. Events" as Harold Macmillan may have once said. This post became old very quickly.
Everyone seem to be forgetting that the British people voted to leave the EU. You may not like the result (I didn't), but that was the result.

So we are left with four groups -
- The "just get it done" group
- The sore losers, who won't accept the referendum result
- The "have their cake and eat it" group, which won't leave until we have a deal with the EU that doesn't accept any of the EU conditions of a deal
- The group that doesn't care whether we leave or not as long as they get into power, which contains Corbyn and his cronies

The only one of these that is implementing the will of the British people, as voted for in the referendum, is the first. Perhaps it is time to accept that decision and try to make a success of it.
Everyone seems to be forgetting... <thing not everyone has forgotten>.

<subjective list of four options>

<unsubstantiated conclusion>
If the society is so polarised (Faragists / Borisians vs Corbynists) maybe a breakdown isn't at all impossible.
How many of the 52% (of those who voted at all) who voted leave, would have done so if those campaigning for Leave had admitted the possibility (and consequences) of no deal?

Why, now the terms of leaving have been determined, are the leavers afraid of a referendum confirming the original (advisory) referendum?

We voted for this parliament in 2017, more recently than the referendum - why should the latest version of the will of the people, as represented by their choice of MPs, be trumped (!) by a previous expression of that will?
I thought there was a get-out in the fixed term parliament act, that if the current PM can't form a government (not much evidence of one now), then that current PM goes to Buck House and says "I can't form a workable government."

Mrs Royal then calls in the next largest party guv'nor and offers him/her/it the chance to form a functional administration. If that can't work, then it's General Election time and the lie quota rockets faster than a Saturn V taking off.

Or have I had this wrong for too long, and need that quiet rest home in the country?

dg writes: You can confirm the details for yourself.
DG - how did you know that today of all days, this was the day to put up one of your very interesting political posts?

Keep up the good work!
dg was obviously Boris all along, Richard
In the light of current circumstances, the BBC should now suspend normal programmes to repeat the episode of "Room 101" in which Jeremy Paxman declared David Cameron as our worst ever Prime Minister (assuming they haven't sold all the broadcasting rights to Dave).
I go along with Jimbo on this. The original question was "in or out?"

The answer was clear. We had tried the EU for far too long (remember the Common Agricultural Policy for the benefit of French farmers, and the total lack of believable accounts) and the Great British Public had had enough.

'Deal or no deal' was a subsequent gloss being used by the Remainers to try to wreck the original decision. And 'project fear' has not yet gone away.

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