please empty your brain below

Indeed! The link also creates an additional entrance and exit to each station. Very handy, eg, if you arrive at Downs and want to go to Mare St. .

This is particularly useful for Hackney residents since that connected platform is the one you need for fast trains into London.

Impressively, Citymapper app already suggests this walking route...
'The two railways run at different elevations (obviously, else there'd be a crash)' Reminds me of the flat crossing at Newark, which obviously wouldn't work here. I believe a flyover has been proposed at Newark for decades but hasn't been built yet.
Worth just noting that if you don't have zone 1 on your Travelcard then it will be worth touching your Oyster Card on the pink validators. This is so the route taken is recorded and an extension fare for Zone 1 is avoided. Obviously if using PAYG or Contactless then you should touch on the route validator.

Always worth checking your planned journey on the Single Fare Finder so you can see if you need to touch your card on an intermediate route validator or not. And just to repeat this applies as much for non Z1 Travelcard holders as it does for PAYG users.
If that link bridge were in Paris, it would be covered in graffiti tags in about a week. Good luck, Hackney
A great improvement. Something similar is needed for interchange at Leytonstone / Leytonstone High Road.
The London Youth don't graffiti much any more. CCTV (and having better things to do?) seem to have fixed that!
"It's a bit of a hike at Hackney Central"

Maybe TfL is trying to ensure that their customers actually get some exercise!
Dan - Like most things it takes a concerted effort and people give up, often pretty quickly. on the flipside, if you give up, then things can revert pretty quickly too.

On the subject of transport and LO, TfL realised that with fare evasion, and so cracked down and installed barriers or run heavy duty checks for a while, while many other London TOCs don't. Yet with TfL cutting staff on the tube to sometimes just 1 at outlying stations, fare evasion wont take long to take hold costing income.
There was also a flat crossing at Retford, but that one was remodelled a few years ago (see
@ JJ - I went through one of those LO revenue checks the other week at Bruce Grove. It's ungated and is the stop before the gated Seven Sisters. As I wandered down the s/b stairs at Bruce Grove a gaggle of RCIs and BT Police greeted me. I had no problems but lots of other people did! The police and RCIs were kept busy doling out penalty fares or holding people for processing. The entrance from the n/b platform to Bruce Grove itself was closed off thus directing everyone arriving from central London into the clutches of the inspectors.
i wonder if they'd consider something similar with Brockley/Crofton Pk.
Surely they're slightly too far away. And I can't imagine TfL will do anything whilst Crofton Park isn't on the Overground.

The replacement of the Retford flat crossing by a diveunder was actually completed fifty years ago this year, in preparation for increased coal traffic on the east-west crossing route from the Nottinghamshire coalfield to the three new power stations in the Trent Valley
If the London yoof don't vandalise any more then I'm living in a different London. I don't think CCTV is a deterrent at all since they obviously all wear hoods. It gets cleaned off quicker now because it's been grasped that interest in vandalism falls off if the damage is put right before it creates much of an impact.

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