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The north south one is so almost but not quite complete. Tarmac laid and white lines painted all the way from the Elephant to the north end of Blackfriars Bridge, but still inexplicably coned off half way across the bridge (although most cyclists just slalom round them) and inaccessible southbound until the lights are rephased.

Similar nonsense on the new cycle route in Kingston - the new cycle path is coned off, so - officially - cyclists still have to use the road, which is now narrower (and thus overtaking traffic has to come closer) because of the width taken up by the cycle path!
I tried cycling along this at the weekend. There's still a lot of sections coned off Westbound, and Eastbound, there's a huge section near Whitechapel station where cycle lane construction doesn't seem to have even started! :-(
At the weekend, the westbound section through Bow was still blocked by 15 plastic barriers. But yesterday all of them were removed... apart from the barrier at Bus Stop M (pictured).
In fairness, when I went over Blackfriars a few days ago, it was coned off halfway because there was no tarmac at the north end. It must be only just finished. I believe that they are trying to stop cyclists popping out unexpectedly at dangerous junctions. (The new lane going north up Farringdon is completely unusable at the moment, so you'd have to rejoin the main carriageway to carry on north, and better away from the junction, I think is the idea).
Unfortunately, many of us would rather have the longer track and then walk past the unfinished bit - after all, the intended users include people who wouldn't cycle with buses and lorries and general London traffic. But it seems like we'll be able to start cycling to central London just as summer starts. No more airless buses for me! I can't wait.

P.S. What are the chances of someone leaving the Bus Stop M barriers there just for DG? This saga has now reached epic proportions.
When TfL finally remove the cones/barriers at bus stop 'M', I think we (DG's readers) should all take it in turns to pop down overnight, and put some cones back in, just to vex him. Who's in? I'll draw up a rota.
Sneaky cones? Noooo . . . . that would be mean. Much better for you to make one of your celebrated videos with a starring role for Bus Stop M and with DG in an uncredited cameo à la Alfred Hitchcock or Colin Dexter.
I think we should all turn up and have a party in the shelter!
I'll bring the cheese & pineapple on sticks!
@Geofftech .. that's boring. How about covering the bus stop M sign with a forged 'Bus Stop Closed' sign?
Or a "N" sticker covering the "M"

Tarmac all the way across the bridge by Monday morning, and seemingly the link to the east west route is fully tarmacked too!

So for anyone turning left (or right, as I do) at the end of Blackfriars Bridge, the uncompleted section along New Bridge Street is irrelevant.

Not sure work has even started on Farringdon Street (beyond Ludgate Circus)
Why dos the east west route have blue tarmac and the north south one black?
.......and now open, including the access southbound from QVic St

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