please empty your brain below

hey ure hot
my name is Erin
wot u up for?

I've been waiting here hours for a bus. I'm pleased to see that public transport in Third Life is just as reliable as it is in First Life *humph*

we haven't stopped here since 1975 mate, there's no call for it these days

Does the No. 42 come by here?

three 42's will be along shortly... all at the same time... the first one jam packed... the second one with a couple of people that people waiting at the bus stop don't have enough sense to get on... and the third empty but stuck behind the first two buses therefore not able to get ahead and collect some of the waiting passengers...

No virtual B.O. from the straphangers... that's a step in the right direction.

The whole problem with Third Life is it too closely resembles the cartoon backdrop to a Keebler's Cookie commercial.

Other than that, it's AOK!

The pub has an OAP special for lemon cheesecake today.

Typical, I wait around ages for a bus and it is a hoity-toity, la-dee-daa EXPRESS bus which sails past without stopping... elitism I tell you!

Is anyone else unsurprised that the Village Bus Stop is the most popular destination in Diamond Geezer's Third Life?

No. It's raining and it's shelter.

you should check out the hanging tree, it's rocking man

Welcome to the Village No 6.

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