please empty your brain below

Anybody found the off switch?

I've got a serious question. I have been stuck in thrid life all day and I have yet to find out (a) what it is for and (b) how to get out of it.

I tried secnod life and after a week I had worked out that it was about dressing up as a cuddly toy and having sex in public for money. where do i do that in thrid life?

can i swap this for three first lifes?

bugger, no squireeeeels

No cute kittens either. Dammit.

I'm a squirrel. And I have a balloon. Now whip me.

Excuse me? I seem to have lost my way. One second I was with my tour group but I must have lost them when I went into that Village Shop for a bottled water. Perhaps one of you can help me find them?

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