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This is the real stuff. I love these posts.

Clocks go forward in the Spring, not back!
dg writes: oops, yes, now changed

The Book of Common Prayer (and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies... etc you get the idea) gives tables to work out the date of Easter depending on golden numbers and other things. Common Worship just gives the dates of Easter until the book becomes obsolete.

Early Easter, early equinox, early St.Patrick's day? Something fishy is going on.

I want more porridge advice

I thought it was early this year simpliy because the bastard chocolate manufacturers didn't manage to shift all their stock at Christmas.....

and to make up for the profit hole caused by your list


Put that Cadbury Creme Egg away, dg >

You mean the early spring this year is cosmic & not due to Global Warming?

Not that it's particularly warm here at present (Portsmouth). But when has Easter ever been a warm holiday - even when it's occurred in later April?

Thnx for the info though.

and to think I was driving down the M23 to go swimming in K2 at Crawley at 05:48 and so missed it.

Thanks for that little nod in the direction of the southern hemisphere. When it comes to dealing with calendar confusion, we're experts. Easter, spring symbols, autumn equinox, harvest festival - we've got the lot.

I was born on April Fools Day which, that particular year, coincided with Mothers Day. The nurses declared I would one day be crowned Miss Southend-on-Sea - I failed to fulfil that prediction! Shame! I the 30-something years since that day, my birthday has never landed on Easter Sunday. I've had Good Friday, Easter Monday and even Maundy Thursday but never the big one. Am looking forward to your post tomorrow for some more light on this subject. Lots of sparkly wishes heading towards you DG!
Sparkly Songbird x

If today is the first day of spring why is it snowing...?

Girlwiththemask - " If today is the first day of spring why is it snowing...?"

You're in the UK? Cos the weather does things like that regularly here!

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