please empty your brain below

A good point there about MK...on how it not just roundabouts, concrete cows and a shopping centre.

It of course also "incorporated" the towns of Wolverton (trains), Stony Stratford (cock & bull), Bletchley (Park) and Newport Pagnell (Iron Bridge & Aston Martin).
Now that's more like it!
I'll visit the village and give the town a miss!
Indeed there are many more points of interest in and around Milton Keynes, and if he wished to do so, I am sure that DG could write a dozen or so further articles about them. But he may well feel that other places or themes deserve a turn. I do admire the three he has written just now, though, and feel he has given a very fair and accurate snapshot of this interesting "city".
Much joy that MK also has Ada Walk, Babbage Gate, Pascal Mews and Flowers Mews (there's also a street named after Tommy Flowers in Dollis Hill, on the site of the old PO Research Station, where he built the first electronic computer for Bletchley Park).
Damn it! I didn't know you were in MK - I'd have tried to organise meeting you, had I been aware! (Particularly as you must've walked past my office building yesterday, FGS)
Trawling around the village core on street view, two things give the game away: the very new-town-esque street nameplates, and the road humps reminding you that you are indeed still in suburbia.
Lyle: a meeting with DG?! That be the day! More chance of meeting your favorite movie star!
I'd always assumed they'd named the place after two local famous people, but it turns out that Johns Milton and Maynard Keynes aren't even very local.
@Martin: I always thought MK was named after two economists with opposing views: Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes....

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