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I too have occasionally experienced a less-than-convivial response when using my Art Pass for entry - including at Leighton House.

I was once even given a tortuous explanation of the running costs of the establishment. I haven't let it deter me.
What an excellent, OTT looking place.

The website link doesn't appear to work.

dg writes: Fixed, thanks.
Funnily enough we were at Leighton House on Monday night - our first visit. We'd never heard of it but wanted to see the Polish jazz pianist Marcin Masecki in concert having previously seen him at a church in Leytonstone. It was a terrific concert in a noteworthy environment - small audience of mainly elderly people (it was part of the Hampstead Festival as well as the London Jazz Festival) and one Oscar winning film director (Masecki does film scores too).

We got lucky with the staff who couldn't have been more friendly - maybe they were from the festival rather than Leighton House. But I know of the sometimes less than positive reaction that comes when presenting an art pass!
18 Stafford Terrace does not accept the art pass or NT anyway.
That is... It's gone from wow, straight on through obnoxiously ostentatious, and breaks through into so obnoxiously ostentatious that it's wow again.
Some schoolchums and I (from the nearby Cardinal Vaughan) used to visit Leighton House regularly from 1975-77 during our lunchtimes. The Stranglers' video to "Golden Brown" was filmed there.
30 seconds into Golden Brown you can see the scene matching DG's 1st interior photo.

I also went to Cardinal Vaughan around that time but must have had other chums. We snooped on the Blue Peter garden at lunchtime... but only after the famous incident.
For the benefit of one sector of your readership I should point out that the garden is patrolled by a large but fairly approachable cat. The day I visited the cat clearly didn't approve of the fete which had intruded on its territory.
Spandau Ballet also liked to pretend they were in some more exotic Gold-en climate than Kensington.

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