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Since you didn't ask:
Summerston/Nutter Lane Recreation Ground/Tate Britain/Bellahouston Park. Not in that order.
Pretty good all considered really. Bet many folk haven’t left their borough all year.
Bet they have
(for geographical and chronological reasons)
I know you haven’t asked but Elveden, Walton-on-the-Naze, the M25 near Oxted, Weybridge.
Fetid urinals; the bane of many an overseas trip! When you've got to go, you've got to go.
I’ll have to go way out west next year:

West - Virginia Water: -0.6228;
North - Aalborg: 57.0982;
South - Yangon: 16.7670;
East - Inle Lake, Myanmar: 96.9360;

West - Broad Green -0.1098 (3.1mi);
North - Elephant Park 51.4947 (4.8mi);
South - Croydon High St 51.3746 (3.7mi);
East - Kelsey Park -0.0204 (3.1mi)
At least you had the option of a fetid urinal! We ladies don't even get that luxury!

I live in NW London and the furthest I've been this year is:
North: Watford
West: Uxbridge
South: Hounslow
East: West Ham

That parade of shops in Walthamstow high St. is where the Walthamstow Palace once stood. Looked a lot better than 60's concrete
I was wondering how on earth you'd got all the way to Plymouth in a year like this, as I'd managed to forgot there were nearly three months of the year when the world seemed totally normal. I then remembered that in March I travelled the 180 miles from home to Bristol for work which is my longest journey both in distance and west. A strange year.
Based in north London, the furthest I managed:

N: St Albans park visit
E: Harlow, wrong turn when destination was a park in Welwyn Garden City
S: Hampton Court Palace for a picnic
W: Harrow (the office at the beginning of the year).
And mine are - north: Buxton, east: Guildford, south: Ventnor and west: looks like a tie between Trowbridge and Newcastle-under-Lyme.
I haven't been further south from SW2 than the two-odd miles to Tooting Bec, but work took me west to Staines and north to Broxbourne; and relatives east to Blackheath. On foot, it's closer still - N/E/S/W to South Bank / Loughborough Junction / Brockwell Park / Clapham Common. The bike range is between the two lots. The combination of a couple of technical faults over Christmas rendered my bike unsafe for the road, which suddenly made me feel alarmingly limited, not that I've been going far. Fortunately, shops with car and bike parts are essential and all is on the mend.
One that won't be added to DGs Inner London toilet map.
Hi Diamond Geezer,
How can I follow your blog . Can I subscribe to an email list?
Hi John

No email list, sorry. But every post appears on RSS here and is flagged on Twitter here.

Or just come back at 7am daily, there's almost always something new to read.
East; Aberdeen (hospital visit)
North; Findhorn
West; Inverness (for a negative test)
South; Edinkille Viaduct on The Dava Way

All other trips put off until 2021 (hopefully).
North:Glasgow, South: West Mersea, East: Thorpeness and West: Thame.
NNE - 3.5m - Click & Collect, groceries
NNW - 3.5m - Hospital, blood tests
NW - 3.0m - Work, until 23rd March only
S - 2.5 - Costa Drive Thru, well I need a treat

Not been out of the City at all this year!
North: Haverton Hill, Teesside
South: Lancy, Geneva
East: Munich airport
West: Bus stop haladgja, near to Runcorn East station
North: Colchester, UK, 52
East: St Kilda, Melbourne, Aus 145
South: St Kilda, Melbourne, Aus -38
West: Speightstown, Barbados -59

By Bike:
North: Wood Green, 51.6
East: Wanstead Flats 0.05
South: Cator Park, Beckenham 51.4
West: Roehampton -.24
Haven’t been far but the area 1 mile south, 1.5 miles east and 2.5 miles each for north and west has been well trodden.
North: Edinburgh
South: Eastbourne
East: Eastbourne
West: er ... Edinburgh
North: Romford
South: Lakeside
East: Lakeside
West: Barts Hospital

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