please empty your brain below

These counts are the best thing about February.
Yes number 4 should be 'out for the count'
Commenting to help you with number 2. And to demonstrate the Hawthorne Effect in action.
Walking average of 18 to 20 km / day. Probably in top 1,000 walkers in UK. Maybe top 100. The cove can eat more or less anything.
The number of Z4-6 stations used this year is a big surprise! I wonder if this is a deliberate challenge.
I have a Z1-3 Travelcard.
Z4-6 stations cost extra.
I'm so bad at remembering to count things. I admire your dedication.
Based on my monthly step count, I estimate DG is walking for three hours each day.
I visited 10 London Boroughs in January which is a high number for me.
will we ever discover what the mystery count is?
Is the answer contained in a golden envelope to be opened by best mate in the event that your discovered seized? (God forbid)

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