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I see the fingerpost at Bulls Bridge is still broken - it's been like that for at least 15 years. ("Braunston 88" is the missing bit.)
A very pleasant read to start the day, thank you. It's made me want to visit, discarded cans notwithstanding.
I'm a member of this litter-picking group in LB Hillingdon: [Facebook]

I lot of people that end of the Borough do their best to try and tame the litter on the canal, especially the bulls bridge area. (I'm in the north of LBH so tend to stay local for my picking).

Whilst it shouldn't be needed (why can't people just put their stuff in a bin?!!) it's nice to be part of a community who are doing their best for the bigger community.
I opened some Mini Cheddars en route and thought "I'll just throw the bag in the next bin", and that took almost an hour.
Two cats on leads and you didn't take a picture?
Nice description, although there is mess, there would have been a different type of pollution in the past.

Can you have an 'out of season' squirrel in London, they've been in the garden most days over winter.
You'd managed to carry your mini cheddar bag with you all the way until you ate them, so why not carry it onwards to home and put it your own bin.
Because there was a bin.
This is a great write up of the Paddington Arm. We hope you spotted clean areas where we are most active.
Very nice. I walked it last month, though in the opposite direction. I thought Alperton to Hayes was nicer than Paddington to Alperton, but both have their charms.
Closer to home on the wildlife front we finally, after a gap of some months, saw another kingfisher in the Olympic Park at the weekend. It was on the bank of the stretch of water behind the Olympic Stadium. We watched it for a few minutes until it flew off towards the lock. Stunning.
I tried this once. Packed my lunch, got TfL Rail to Hayes, and walked along the towpath as far as Harlesden. At which point I got bored and went off to the Overground. I usually love going on long walks in London, but usually there's more to see.
Being my most accessible local waterway, the Northolt to Greenford is my favourite section, though I also enjoy the peace and quiet of the longer walk to Bull's Bridge.

Annoyingly, the wooden bridge linking Marnham Fields and Northala Fields has been closed for at about 3 years now, with no sign of it opening anytime soon.

Speaking of fields, beavers have recently been introduced to Paradise Fields in Greenford to help with flooding!
Oh I miss it.
It sure what you did to the wooden footbridge at Northolt but it collapsed a few days later!

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