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I do recall at the time that letter prefixed registrations were introduced in 1983, the DVLA did announce that certain combinations would not be permitted. One of those specifically mentioned as being not permitted when the time came was P155. The subject of your photo however carries P555, which is really just a noise you’d associate with an air leak. Perhaps the owner just has an unfortunate track record with punctures? Or perhaps they’re just a bit of a knob!
If P555 is the sound of air escaping, it will be no surprise that it's escaping from the KIA owner's HED
It looks as if you had a good day out, despite missing out on the ice cream! Broadstairs looks a fine place, but I can see why I haven't re-visited since I was a boy, but then I've not been one for sitting on beaches
Another famous if fictional visitor to Broadstairs was Diary of a Nobody's Charles Pooter who penned a blog post for me:
Thank you DG for taking us with you on the day out to Broadstairs. It is one of my favourite places and we have walked over the cliffs to Ramsgate many times,although in recent years we have caught the bus back. 😏

While staying there one time, we went on the excellent historical tour of the St.Peter's part of town. I wonder if they were still doing that before the world went potty in March?
I wonder if there are any memorials to Ted Heath in Broadstairs? He was born at 54 Albion Road in 1916, according to Professor Wiki.

dg snaps:

I hope you filled out all appropriate forms for your travels over the Kent border.
Hurrah, that was the topical but irrelevant comment I was anticipating, and I’ve treated myself to a Creme Egg as a reward.
Spent part of Sunday afternoon in Broadstairs the weekend before the world changed.

Sitting in a pub further down the coast that night we heard tales of lorry drivers heading back to the continent early so as to beat the growing number of border closures.

It all sounded very dramatic. Would their mate make the German border in time?... Little did we know how long it would be before we saw the sea again.
Splendid, our favourite seaside holiday town.

When a break from lazing on the beach is needed, a bus ride and walk to the glamourous setting of Westwood Industrial Estate gets you to the Hornby museum and shop.

Re Charles - I don't know about anything mentioning Ted Heath but a couple of streets back from the bandstand there is a plaque and a delightful Clangers mosaic on a house where Oliver Postgate lived :)

dg snaps:

If you time it right, by starting just as the tide is going out, it's possible to walk on the sands (and rocks and seaweed where available) all the way from Ramsgate to Margate.
The Kia Soul 2 was first registered on 31st May 2018, so just shows that the DVLA still didn't notice 2 years ago either! LOL
Broadstairs is indeed a lovely place, and the walk between there and Ramsgate very pleasant. I spent many happy childhood days digging sandcastles on the beach!
Interesting to see Broadstairs. Thank you. I can normally get number plates but on this occasion I fail.
"Of course a Kia". Hmmm. Who could have known DG was such a snob? Some people drive a Kia with a jokey number plate. How utterly dreadful. Something should be done.
I suspect this is some sort of DG Bingo, but Vikings didn't have horned helmets. Commonly popularised by the costume design for Wagner's Ring cycle Opera, but with no basis in reality.

Looking at RegArchive, the authorities were carless, for example P 555 POT was issued to a vehicle in Portsmouth, and according to the DVLA the registration is currently on a black Audi, also P 55 POT is on a black Volkswagon.

No sign today of a P 55 HED though, but it was originally issued to a vehicle in Liverpool.
This page lists several cables from England to Belgium, including one laid in 1914 with manufacturer Telcon, and one in 1926 made by Siemens Bros. The latter started from Dumpton Gap according to the above page. The 1914 cable seems to correspond to the one mentioned at the bottom of this page, which also ran from Dumpton Gap.
Very glad that Broadstairs has been given the thumbs up! Whilst Ramsgate and Margate both have a lot to be said for them, Broadstairs is streets ahead.
If you want Viking connections head to Pegwall Bay just south of Ramsgate. Where the old hovercraft terminal stood is or was a replica of a Viking longboat. Commemorates some immigrants trying to gain entry into the country a long time ago.

dg writes: Been there, blogged that.

Used to go regularly to Broadstairs on holiday when a child and so enjoyed a visit to the North Foreland lighthouse.
Sorry DG - I'd make you a bacon sandwich, but that's not my café unfortunately.

Thanks for describing what sounds like a wonderful day out. I have fond memories of Broadstairs too, and it's good to see your take on a familiar trip. Though it is a bit strange for me, seeing that beach with so few people on it!
The cyclists were probably whizzing along the Viking Coastal Trail. The Saxon Shore Way is a walking route that specifically excludes Thanet (it was still an island in Saxon times).
A couple of years ago in Broadstairs I watched as someone was gullible enough to carry open food in reach of beaks.
Well, well, well. I've been away for a few days and I come back to find I've been following in your footsteps although I was using Herne Bay as a base. Great minds and all that.

I enjoyed a Morelli's own vanilla cone outside there yesterday and can inform you that the street furniture has been changed since your visit. White chairs and tables now.

dg writes: White chairs last week too.

I am very interested in what your views of Margate will be. I found the place highly depressing.

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