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DG, since you mention (plastic) landfill, isn't the content of every trolley leaving the store destined for a skip in a few years? Or whatever the new purchase is replacing? Anyway I love the classlessness of IKEA, (Edmonton branch, reached by bicycle along the canal of course), a great place for people watching.

Monday trivia - the single largest printing job on the planet is not the bible, it is the Ikea catalogue.

No you never can have enough tealights!!

What a dull and boring place Brent is. The only stuff that's interesting enough to post is two housing estates and a branch of Ikea. Thanks for the warning DG - I'll stay away!

Aw, that's unfair - Oriental City is (just) inside Brent! That's always a fun place to waste an afternoon.

You're right, the Wembley IKEA is c**p. As you live just round the corner from me, why not try the Edmonton branch if you still want to suffer? Train from Stratford to Tottenham Hale, free shuttle to/from store. Went last Friday - only spent £9.95!

You're right about the tealights. I was once stuck in the queue behind a man with a whole trolley full of them. He turned out to be a verger stocking up for his church.

Incidentally, Haringey IKEA is much easier to get to by public transport, but only a madman (with a job) would try to shop there on weekends.

Avoid the cafe?? Never!! Thats the highlight of my trip to Wembley Ikea!! Though, I never go on weekends, and the queues seemt o be fine when I am there.

And no mention of the hotdogs after the cash desks?? Oh, heaven!

There are a number of lovely places in Brent.. Wembley Stadium, Neasdon Temple.. and a Tescos that keeps me in cheap petrol! And its also where the nightly traffic jams for Hanger Lane Gyratory seem to start!

I'd like to stand up for Brent - it's a lot more interesting than certain other London boroughs.

I had to miss out a few really interesting places (eg Neasden Temple and Churchill's secret bunker) because I've been there before and written about them in depth already.

Remember, I only ever visit a snapshot of six locations for these random borough features - not every highlight the borough has to offer.

And be patient - there are three more locations still to come...

IKEA: A world-famous Swedish flat-pack furniture retailer.

ABBA: A world-famous Swedish flat-pack 70s pop group.

I'm sure it was called Ikea Neasden (which is more or less where it is) before its recent makeover.

And try getting to Ikea Thurrock by public transport. You really wouldn't want to do that after dark. (The opportunities for getting run over in the 15-min walk or so from Chafford Hundred station are so numerous - the whole place is designed solely for cars - although Lakeside, rather than Ikea are more to blame for that.)

At least you can go right up to the (back of) Ikea Wembley by bus.

"Raffish" has generally been my adjective of choice to describe the borough of Brent - interesting, but, in many parts of it, with a vague sense of better days past.

Dear DG, remember what did (or didn't) happen in January last year. You'll be glad to have those tealights!

I don't much care for IKEA. I've been twice and that's once too many for me, even if they do cheap bumper packs of tealights

Ikea Croydon is a pleasure to get to by public transport. It's on Tramlink (Ampere Way) and is only short hop (if you manage to get the traffic lights on a good day) across the road.

Indeed. In fact IKEA even managed to get the name of stop changed to IKEA Ampere Way and it well used. I am told that you wouldn't believe what some people manage to transport from IKEA to New Addington by public transport but I have never seen it myself.

I managed a whole dining room table, precariously balanced on my head, from the Croydon IKEA to Mitcham Junction and thence on to Balham. Did have a bit of a sore neck by the end.

*gasp* I was in IKEA on Saturday too! Wow, I was breathing the same recycled air as the mighty DG...

You are supposed to clear your own trays in the cafe, though.

I've been told by a family with young children, that they go there just for the cheap food, and I think there is a creche too. A family friendly store for a change, these Swedes are smart!

I once took my friend to Wembley Ikea to buy a sofa and a chest of drawers.

This didn't take very long, and we were blessed that the check out queues were also running smoothly.

Then we were told that the sofas weren't actually kept in the massive superstore. I was given a map drawn by a two year old, directing me to the sofa pick up point.

It was hopeless. 45 minutes spent driving round the back streets behind IKEA, one mistaken diversion onto the north circular itself, and accidentally ending up in a caravan site to the not too distant sound of banjo plucking.

Eventually we did find the place, tucked away in a nearby trading estate behind moon rockets.

Never again.

I'll stick to Thurrock from now on.

@Venichka - I lived at the bottom end of Wembley, just over the River Brent from the St Raphaels Estate and the Brent Park Tesco's and IKEA, from 1990-1992 (it was as great as you would imagine). The Trading Park and IKEA were (officially) called Brent Park then. Although locals may have called it "Neasden Ikea", as we certainly talked about 'Neasden Tesco's'.

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