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Why is there still a display of goods outside the closed door? Have they given up now and are just giving it away?

dg writes: It was only a minute or so after closing time, so I suspect the display was whisked inside shortly afterwards.

I bet that Woolies stores the country over are full to bursting today with all those nostalgia seekers, getting in for a last look/stock up, just in case they close branches... must dash...

I went yesterday to the Hounslow Woolworths and they still have a caffeteria. I had lunch there. There's seating for about 50 people, but I only saw 8 customers in the cafe.

As a kid I used to live in the Bromley one - when they were still dark maroon with wooden counters in aisles from front to back. Great place.

And wooden floorboards, worn rough with age and smelling of disinfectant-impregnated sawdust used to clean them.

No doubt they will paradoxically have the best day of trading in 20 years.

Poor Woolies. Not so much of a winter wonderland for them anymore, is it?

As a student, I often went to the Woolies in St. Albans, Watford and Enfield. It's a terrible pity that they've gone bust just short of their centenary. Now though, it looks like it's farewell for this much-loved High Street store...

I'm drinking a cuppa from a mug bought there this summer. A great institution that lost it's way many years ago.

Blimey - you came to Bromley?

Without telling us?

Sheesh, I come to the Westfield opening in the hope of a chance sighting, but it seems you didn't arrive until well after I'd gone.

And now you come down to Kent without a word.

Is it something I said?

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