please empty your brain below

Didn't realise we missed Tube week this year!
Great index.

Maybe a category for satirical posts (like HutcH which I wanted to find the other day and took some looking for)
Wow! Amazing to be reminded what a cornucopia is spread out for our delectation. And this is just a single year's offering.
Plenty to read while self-isolating...
Thank you.
Thanks DG. I revisited your March unblogged. It was quite something to be reminded only 9 months later what it felt like back then.
I've just re-read your post on Croxley Green bus history. I think that's my favourite ever DG blogpost in ten or so years of reading, and there are plenty to choose from. Magnificent.
Thanks for everything you do. I especially enjoyed the photographs.
Thank you DG for all your creative posting this year. It has really helped.
Thank you again for producing such an outstanding body of work which is especially remarkable given the crazy circumstances much of it was produced in.
A great summary of an amazing output!

I particularly enjoyed the characterisation of London's South Circular Road as an "apologetic girdle", and the account of the sad demise of Percy Ingle's bakery...
Wow - that's a seriously impressive body of work, especially given the grim year.

I hope you can keep up your output in 2021. HNY.

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