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Warwick: thanks for visiting, so that we now know not to go on a Monday.
Yesterday's post is neatly put into context.
Good photographs of the outside of the Warwick buildings,DG. 😉
Seriously though, didn't you research the opening hours before travelling? It seems to me that so many places to visit hibernate, just when we could do with getting out and about.
We went to Wells once - it appeared to be shut! 😳
You probably saw my wife and toddler daughter who were also wandering round Warwick yesterday morning. Can we expect a Leamington Spa post imminently? Exciting for me - it's my home town!
Awwwwe, My old town, it is lovely until you get a bit further out then its a s**thole... :D
I think I was always aware that quite a lot of museums are closed on Mondays? Certainly on the Continent.
I was annoyed to find Mithraeum also seems to be closed on Mondays - I wanted to do it in conjunction with a tour of the Roman section that I was booked on in the Museum of London that day.
I very briefly visited Warwick 10 years ago, but only did the Castle with the kids. Definitely need to return - just not on a Monday!
You missed a real treat at the castle. A fascinating day out, despite the Costa coffee.
When I cut down my working hours I nearly picked Monday not to work but luckily realised in time how many interesting things are closed so plumped for the more conventional Friday.

(and I'm inclined to think Warwick Castle isn't as bad as it seems it might be, if that's any recommendation! As indeed apparently is the newly-opened Dinosaurs in the Wild.)

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