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The "wooden staircase" link did not work for me.

I have ridden on Southwestrains from Clapham Junction to Wimbledeon through East Putney, they ran on diversion for a few days during some engineering work some years ago.

You can also walk over the railway bridge at Barnes.
You have to sign in to Flickr to see the wooden staircase photo (great pic, by the way) but as for signing out of Flickr, well, it was like Hampton Court maze for an infrequent user like me.
Hmmm, Flickr never used to demand you sign in to view any of the photos on the site, but then Flickr has been doing some increasingly ill-advised things lately...
Ah, welcome to my 'hood. I live in a flat that looks on to (Grade 2-listed) Wandsworth Park, and am a regular crosser of the railway bridge.
In this case the "fault" lies with the owner of that picture - when you upload photos you can set a safety level for the entire account. Set it to anything other than "Safe" (there's "Moderate" and "Restricted") and people have to login and actively decide to view.

Anyway, whilst there's no regular National Rail services calling at East Putney any more, the link to the National Rail lines is still active and there are a handful of regular services which do use it, mainly empty stock to access Wimbledon Traincare depot. However a handful of services do also run so if you fancy it, try a journey on the following:

0042 Waterloo - Strawberry Hill (Not Saturdays)
0105 SX Waterloo - Southampton Central (Not Saturdays)
2312 SuX Waterloo - Basingstoke (Not Sundays)
0454 SuX Basingstoke - Waterloo (Not Sundays)
2254 SuX Basingstoke - Waterloo (Not Sundays)

South West Trains have, in the past, also run trains down the line during engineering work, although not so much recently - presumably LU got a bit fed up of it because it reduces the capacity of the District Line - presumably the reason for the daily services down the line is for driver knowledge and training.
An attractive station, and one with special memories for me. This is the station where I used to meet my girlfriend on her way home to Wimbledon from work when we were first getting to know each other in 1990-91. The flower stall got some good business from me. We married four years later and are still together. Happy associations! Thanks for the article and pictures, DG.
....mmmm Ma Goa's.....
I thought there were 11 river crossings?

Jubilee - 4
District - 2
Northern - 2
Bakerloo - 1
Victoria - 1
Waterloo & City - 1

dg writes: Damn, yes, eleven, I missed a Jubilee. Now updated, thanks.
Pity about having to walk inland around Hurlingham Park. I'll bet that annoyed lots of people. Probably still does.
Don't forget the disused Embankment loop and the branch to King William Street. That's four bits of the Northern line running under the river.

I've gone through Putney Bridge station many times, yet never noticed the pill box!
Thank you for the railway bridge blog.
I found your blog because I had an extraordinary experience while using the bridge pathway back in 1965 - I was 22 -while crossing north to south to meet my girlfriend who lived nearby. It was a cool.dark and misty evening and as I crossed I passed an older lady dressed in a light coat and scarf.crossing the other way. I proffered a reassuring smile which was met with a blank expression which somehow struck me at the time. To my astonishment I met the "same" lady moments later further along the bridge. The event sent a chill right through me as I am not into ghosts or surreal experiences. I had not been drinking - I was totally alert. This unnerving experience has stayed with me for the last 50 years.

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