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I’m one of the 17% of Londoners who have had the virus. My case isn’t on counted in any other statistics as I was never tested when I had symptoms back in March, but I paid for an antibody test this week and the lab result found the antibodies indicative of a prior infection.
Rolls Royce in Derby announce redundancies, Specialist Leisure Group (Shearings, National Holidays) go into administration.

However my neighbours on each side have 'disappeared' (or their cars has been stolen), so at least two families have gone on holiday.

The very last of the Bluebells in the shadiest part of the garden have now finished.

Your last three worldwide deaths figures have been 280,000 - 310,000 - 340,000. That doesn't look like acceleration to me.

Indeed, one of the strange features of the data is that the rolling 7-day average daily global death figure has been slowly falling for some weeks.
(rounded to the nearest ten thousand)
Trump *says* he is taking hydroxychloroquine.
Dominic Cummings is a disgrace. Yet another example of one rule for the Tories and another for everyone else especially if they let this pass.
Dominic Cummings is just a symptom of the disease at the heart of the present government presided over by Boris
Dominic Cummings is possibly the least likeable person in the country, but I nonetheless found the Guardian's - the Guardian! - hounding of him somewhat unedifying.
Dominic(don't do as I do, do as I say) Cummings has totally undermined the moral authority of the lockdown in one fell swoop.

If he isn't sacked today it will sticking two fingers up to the collective effort of everyone who tried to comply.

If there is a second wave and we are locked down more severely again, I wouldn't be surprised if people would think that if Dominic Cummings can get away with it, so can I, and I wouldn't blame them.
Brazil has more cases than the UK but fewer deaths if you believe the official numbers
Dominic Cummings "test drive" to Pizza Express would have sounded more realistic than a castle with his kid in the back of the car.

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